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Agrifood 05-02-2019

Poland reports atypical case of ‘mad cow disease’

An atypical case of BSE -- commonly dubbed "mad cow disease" -- has been discovered in Poland, though the isolated case posed no risk to human health, Poland's chief veterinarian said on Monday (4 February).
Agrifood 04-11-2015

Consumer organisations expose misleading meat labelling

Test samples by consumer organisations in seven EU countries show that meat-based food labels are often misleading to consumers.
Agrifood 12-02-2015

Paris gets behind Parliament resolution on meat labels

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling on the Commission to introduce mandatory labeling of the origin of all meats used in ready-prepared meals. Paris has expressed its strong support for the resolution. EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 10-02-2015

Parliament divided over meat labels

Most of the parties in the European Parliament want to see stricter labeling of the meat used in ready meals, but the implementation costs remain uncertain. EURACTIV France reports
Agrifood 12-12-2014

New EU-wide food labelling rules begin to apply

?New EU food labelling rules will come into force on Saturday (13 December). The aim is to ensure that consumers receive clearer and more accurate information about what they buy and eat.
Agrifood 01-08-2014

Level of horsemeat DNA in beef drops

The European Commission's second round of coordinated pan-European testing for horsemeat DNA in beef products, launched in April this year, showed only 0.61% of the samples testing positive.
Health 07-02-2014

MEPs reject Commission proposal on origin labelling of meat

The European Parliament endorsed on Thursday (6 February) a motion which rejects the new rules on origin labelling of meat that were tabled by the European Commission following last year's 'horsegate' scandal.
Health 30-01-2014

One year after ‘horsegate’ nothing has changed, consumer group says

Although the European Commission took several initiatives in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, which broke out one year ago, the EU consumer organisation (BEUC) says a similar food scandal could easily shake Europe again.
Health 16-07-2013

British lawmakers call for criminal probe of horsemeat scandal

The contamination of meat products with horse DNA was most likely due to fraud and prosecutions should be pursued, according to a second British parliamentary report into the scandal.
Health 06-05-2013

EU tables revised food safety rules on back of horsemeat scandal

In the wake of the horsemeat scandal which rocked Europe’s food industry, the European Commission has proposed measures to tighten controls on the health of animals and plants entering the European food chain.
Health 17-04-2013

Tests show up to 5% of EU beef products contain horsemeat

Up to 5% of European Union products labelled as beef contain horsemeat, according to results published by the European Commission yesterday (16 April).
Agrifood 06-03-2013

Barroso moves to limit damage from meat scandal

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso on Tuesday (5 March) strongly defended the EU's response to the horsemeat scandal that has shaken consumer confidence and, more broadly, could have repercussions for international trade.
Health 05-03-2013

Borg signals compromise possible on tobacco additives

EXCLUSIVE / The Commissioner for health and consumer affairs has signalled that European tobacco producers may include additives in Burley tobacco, offering East European tobacco producers a compromise that could enable them to continue production.
Health 04-03-2013

EU begins month of intensive DNA tests for horsemeat

The EU has begun one month of extensive DNA testing on food products, after companies found horsemeat in numerous beef dishes.
Health 20-02-2013

Nestlé roped into horsemeat scandal

Nestlé has removed beef pasta meals sold under its Buitoni brand from sale in Italy and Spain after finding traces of horsemeat, becoming the latest company embroiled in a food scandal spreading across Europe.
Health 19-02-2013

Vets call for ‘horse passport’ register as meat scandal gallops on

As the horsemeat-dressed-as-beef scandal continues to rock Europe’s food industry, a number of organisations are calling on stricter European regulation, including an EU-wide horse passport register.
Agrifood 15-02-2013

EU gives ‘untimely’ OK to pork, poultry in fish feed

The European Commission has reapproved the use of reconstituted animal protein for use in fish feed from June 2013, in a move declared "untimely" by French deputy minister for food Guillaume Garot.
Brexit 14-02-2013

Widening scandal prompts EU to seek DNA testing of meat

The European Commission has proposed increased DNA testing of meat products to assess the scale of a scandal involving horsemeat sold as beef that has shocked the public and raised concern over the continent's food supply chains.
Health 13-02-2013

EU debates tighter food labelling rules after horsemeat scandal

EU ministers in charge of agriculture and food safety are meeting in Brussels on Wednesday (13 February) to consider the wider implications of the recent discovery of horsemeat in beef products.
Health 12-02-2013

EU ministers to meet over horsemeat concerns

EU ministers will hold a meeting in Brussels tomorrow (13 February) to deal with the fallout from the horsemeat scandal as investigations in France and the UK continued yesterday.
Health 11-02-2013

Romania’s Ponta ‘very angry’ at horsemeat fraud allegations

The Romanian prime minister said on Monday (11 February) that any fraud over horsemeat sold as beef had not happened in his country and he was angered by suggestions it might have been.