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Economy & Jobs 05-05-2022

EU starts negotiations on distortive foreign subsidies regulation

The European Parliament and EU governments on Wednesday (4 May) each agreed their negotiating position on a proposal aimed at levelling the playing field for European companies facing competition from foreign companies that receive financial support in their home countries.
Economy & Jobs 24-04-2020

Poland launches new rules to prevent takeovers by non-EU investors

The Polish government wants to be notified of any planned takeovers of companies by investors from outside the European Union, who may seek to buy businesses hit by the coronavirus cheaply, Deputy Prime Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz said. The government has...
Economy & Jobs 22-04-2020

Europe races to shield virus-hit firms from bargain hunters

Fears that cash-rich corporate raiders could use the coronavirus crisis to swoop on weakened European firms were perhaps best exemplified by Donald Trump's alleged bid for a German biotech firm working on a vaccine.
Economy & Jobs 17-04-2020

EU aims to bar ‘predatory’ takeovers of weakened firms

EU trade ministers vowed on Thursday (16 April) to protect strategic European companies weakened by the virus-triggered downturn from "predatory" takeovers.
Competition 28-04-2017

EU flirts with protectionism amid foreign takeover concerns

Some EU member states’ attempts to push for EU legislation to protect "critical infrastructure" from unwanted third-country takeovers has raised concerns of growing protectionism and economic nationalism in the bloc.
Economy & Jobs 04-04-2017

EU wants to tackle public procurement ‘imbalance’ with foreign countries

The European Commission has raised concerns about the limited access EU companies get to public markets abroad, proposing measures to tackle the “imbalance”.