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Energy 31-05-2017

Brussels project shines light on muggy battle for healthy homes

A social housing project in one of Brussels' poorest neighbourhoods aimed to demonstrate that renovation doesn't have to be expensive and brings many other side benefits – a notion that resonates with what policymakers are trying to achieve on the other side of town, from the posher buildings of the EU district.
Energy 11-05-2017

Inaction on building renovation is ‘costing lives’

Energy efficiency renovation can alleviate fuel poverty and bring a raft of health and societal benefits. While the EU could do more to boost renovation, several governments have shown that effective answers can be found at a national level.
Germany is taking steps to make energy efficiency renovations more attractive, with plans for tax rebates and incentive schemes. [gynti_46]
Energy 12-11-2014

Germany plans incentives for energy-saving renovations

Germany still lags behind on energy efficiency, pushing Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks, and Economic Affairs Minister Sigmar Gabriel, to take measures making energy-saving renovations more attractive. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 27-09-2012

France puts its ETS money into housing renovation

France has decided to use the money generated by the Emissions Trading System for carbon dioxide to fund an ambitious energy-efficient renovation programme announced by President François Hollande. EURACTIV.fr reports.