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France commits to welcoming more refugees despite ‘reception crisis’

The tragic fire that ravaged the Mória refugee camp in Greece on 9 September has again highlighted the weaknesses of the EU's asylum and immigration policies and a lack of European solidarity. EURACTIV France reports on France's experience of the migration regime.
Energy 31-05-2017

Brussels project shines light on muggy battle for healthy homes

A social housing project in one of Brussels' poorest neighbourhoods aimed to demonstrate that renovation doesn't have to be expensive and brings many other side benefits – a notion that resonates with what policymakers are trying to achieve on the other side of town, from the posher buildings of the EU district.

Study: Inadequate and poor housing costs EU €194 billion per year

Poor housing is costing EU economies €194bn every year in healthcare, social services and lost productivity, research has found.
Euro & Finance 24-05-2016

A new property bubble in France?

France’s High Council for Financial Stability has warned that the commercial property market may be a bubble about to burst. EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports.

Germany faces massive shortfall in refugee housing

Accommodation for asylum seekers is increasingly hard to come by, and the refugees who arrived last year will soon need tens of thousands of additional homes, warned experts. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Cities & regions 04-12-2015

Utrecht-Leon initiative boosts Nicaraguan city

SPECIAL REPORT / An attractive and colourful new district of León, Nicaragua’s second city, where 20,000 people live, was created thanks to an initiative in cooperation with Utrecht.
Climate change 16-10-2015

Paris’ ecological footprint in decline

Cleaner transport has helped reduce the ecological footprint of the Île-de-France region over the last decade, but housing and food are two energy intensive sectors where little has changed. Journal de l'Environnement reports

Refugee influx tough on German housing market

The growing number of refugees is starting to affect the German housing market. According to a new study, Germany will need to build 400,000 new homes every year. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Brexit 03-06-2014

UK must puncture property bubble, Commission warns

The United Kingdom must curb rapidly rising property prices, particularly in London, and raise taxes rather than just slash spending, to increase its resilience to financial shocks, the European Commission warned yesterday (2 June).
Euro & Finance 23-04-2013

EU seals agreement on mortgage law to avoid more housing bubbles

EU countries reached a deal with the European Parliament on Monday (22 April) on the bloc's first common rules on mortgage lending, in an attempt to avoid a repeat of property bubbles that helped fuel the euro zone's debt crisis.

Member states urged to eradicate homelessness

The EU should encourage member states to work towards ending homelessness and ensuring decent housing for all. So says a group of social policy experts, who are calling on the European Commission to develop an EU-level strategy for tackling homelessness.