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Global Europe 31-03-2014

TTIP: A remarkable opportunity

Regardless of pessimistic views held by some NGOs, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) offers a remarkable opportunity to seek efficiencies between EU and US chemical management systems, writes Hubert Mandery.

Industry needs affordable energy and feedstocks

Europe's goal to rebuild an industrial base is welcome but it does not get much help from the Commission’s latest energy and climate package for 2030 unveiled on January 22, writes Hubert Mandery.
Energy 20-12-2013

Serious about European competitiveness? Go for shale gas

Across the Atlantic, a shale gas revolution is sweeping the United States, helping re-vitalise the economy, while Europeans are held back by environmental concerns. Such concerns are not to be taken lightly but each can be addressed, writes Hubert Mandery.
Climate change 17-06-2011

20% emissions cuts by 2020: Stick to the plan!

Hubert Mandery, director-general of the European Chemicals Industry Council (Cefic), argues that an increase in the EU's emissions reduction target would hamper competitiveness, potentially costing the industry billions of euros in indirect and direct costs.