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Central Asia 11-10-2021

Stakeholders: Human capital and green transformation are key for Kazakhstan

Investment in human capital, green transformation, and attention on human rights is essential for the further successful development of Kazakhstan, stakeholders at a recent forum in Nursultan said.
Central Asia 06-10-2021

Kazakhstan looks for best practices in Europe to improve child rights

When Kazakhstan decided it was going on the hunt for the "practical, best practices for effective solutions" that would bolster the rights of its youngest citizens, the Central Asian children's rights ombudswoman came to Europe.
Central Asia 06-05-2021

Kazakhstan invests in human capital to avoid brain drain

Kazakhstan continues to rejuvenate its public administration in a drive to keep talented youth at home and achieve two major goals: modernising the Central Asian country and avoiding brain drain.
Central Asia 20-05-2019

At Nur-Sultan forum, leaders advise focus on education

Kazakhstan is investing in human capital and plans to become one of the world’s 30 most advanced nations by 2050. At a recent conference in the capital Nur-Sultan, leaders and economists offered advice, valid also for other countries as well: to focus on education.
Sports 29-05-2015

Official: The games are an opportunity for Azerbaijan to be more engaged with Europe

SPECIAL REPORT / External relations are very important for Azerbaijan, and the European Games open another door to Europe, Sevinj Hasanova, Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry of Azerbaijan, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Development Policy 04-12-2014

We are the ‘agents of change’, says volunteer

Pauline Kibo, currently specialising in institutional capacity building in the areas of health and HIV/AIDS, shared her experiences, with entertaining and lively examples of things volunteers like her do.

Business leaders call for investment in ‘humanware’

Leading business executives meeting in Brussels yesterday (31 May) complained about the constant nagging over austerity and structural reforms and urged policymakers to focus on those areas that will boost Europe’s competitive advantage against the rest of the world – investment in people.

European human capital: the challenge for central and eastern Europe

A continuation of the economic growth in central and eastern Europe is "not to be taken for granted", argue the authors of this paper from the think tank 'Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness and Social Renewal'.

Germany, Italy ‘wasting human capital’

Some countries are “courting disaster” by allowing their human capital to stagnate through chronic underinvestment in education and high workforce exclusion, states a new study.
Economy & Jobs 28-11-2003

Council adopts resolutions on human capital and social exclusion

Education Ministers adopted resolutions on the development of human capital and on the social exclusion of the young people during their Council meeting on 25 November.