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Health 23-04-2022

Severe challenges persist with access to healthcare and aid in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine nears the end of its second month, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported continued challenges in accessing healthcare and delivering emergency aid to some of the hardest-hit areas of the conflict, issues that were also discussed by MEPs this week.
Development Policy 13-04-2022

COVID vaccines account for bulk of aid increase

While foreign aid from countries of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reached historic highs in 2021, data analysis shows this was primarily fuelled by donating COVID-19 vaccines, many of which were out of date or unusable.
Health 07-04-2022

WHO: We are seeing the worst case scenario in Ukraine

The WHO warned that people in Ukraine "are going to start dying from common causes", due to the lack of access to medical care and humanitarian aid, adding that they are now preparing healthcare workers for treating chemical attacks.
Europe's East 04-04-2022

Greek foreign minister leads aid mission to Odesa, reopens consulate

Greece's Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias arrived in Odesa on Sunday (3 April) at the head of a humanitarian aid mission into the southern port city of Ukraine, the foreign ministry said.
Politics 31-03-2022

Ukrainian mayors ask where NGO aid has gone, call for organisation

The Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, asked where money donated to NGOs has gone during an address to the working group on Ukraine of the European Committee of Regions (CoR) on Wednesday (30 March).
Health 30-03-2022

Red Cross humanitarian aid cannot reach Ukrainian cities where hostilities continue

Reaching those in need remains the biggest challenge for the Ukrainian Red Cross, especially in frontline places like Mariupol, where dozens of attempts have failed to bring in humanitarian aid.
Agrifood 25-03-2022

Ukraine’s agri minister calls on EU for help just before resigning

Ukraine urgently needs help to safeguard food production as global shortages loom, then-agriculture minister Roman Leshchenko warned in an address to EU lawmakers, where he denounced large companies for doing business with Russia while doing little to support Ukraine.
Development Policy 18-03-2022

Fears grow that Ukraine aid could come at expense of other crises

There is growing concern that aid spending by European states to cope with the humanitarian crisis resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will come at the expense of other existing crises across the world.
Health 16-03-2022

Health Brief: Welcome to the ‘supermarket’

In western Poland, a humanitarian centre for Ukraine is open 24/7. A French association travelled from Paris to bring dozens of donations to this place that everyone here calls the "supermarket".
Health 09-03-2022

Health Brief: Leave no one behind

As another Women’s Day has come and gone, the invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the precarious situation of the country's women and put their health needs at the forefront of international discussions.
Health 03-03-2022

UNICEF launches €400 million appeal to help Ukrainian civilians, children

The UN's Children's Fund UNICEF estimates that it will need €400 million over the next three months to help civilians, especially children, in Ukraine, though its teams continue to face logistical problems delivering aid to the field. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 02-03-2022

Health brief: Directing EU’s aid to Ukraine

When Russia launched its large-scale military invasion of Ukraine, the international scene drastically changed. And pushed Ukraine into a new humanitarian crisis.
Eastern Europe 01-03-2022

Ukraine refugee crisis set to intensify, warns EU aid chief

The EU’s Crisis and Humanitarian aid chief on Tuesday warned that the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries could well intensify in the coming days as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine becomes increasingly ‘brutal’.
Europe's East 26-02-2022

Hungarian MEP in Ukraine: ‘Joint European solution’ needed on refugees

As many Ukrainians flee from Russian attacks, the EU must work together to provide humanitarian help and take in refugees, Hungarian MEP Katalin Cseh (RENEW), who is currently in Western Ukraine, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Global Europe 21-01-2022

EU re-establishing ‘minimal presence’ in Kabul

The European Union on Thursday (20 January) announced it had begun re-establishing a "minimal presence" in Kabul to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.
Global Europe 18-08-2021

EU gives 3 million euros in urgent quake funding to Haiti

The European Commission has set aside three million euros in urgent funding for aid groups to help victims of a deadly 7.2-magnitude quake that struck Haiti at the weekend.
Global Europe 16-08-2021

Haiti hospitals overwhelmed by quake victims as death toll hits 1,297

Haiti's hospitals were swamped on Sunday (15 August) by thousands of injured residents after a devastating earthquake the day before killed at least 1,297 people as authorities raced to bring doctors to the worst-hit areas before a major storm hits.
Global Europe 29-03-2021

Failure to fund Syrian refugee crisis could prompt new migration, warn UN officials

Failure to properly fund humanitarian aid missions could lead to another wave of Syrian refugees fleeing to Europe, UN officials have warned ahead of an EU-hosted donor summit this week.
Development Policy 10-03-2021

EU unveils new humanitarian aid tools amid pressure on donors

The EU will set up a new European Humanitarian Response Capacity to intervene directly in humanitarian crises, as part of a revamp of its humanitarian aid policy, it announced on Wednesday (10 March).
Global Europe 04-02-2021

Half of Afghans need humanitarian aid as violence rises: EU commissioner

Half of Afghans need humanitarian aid but rising violence is preventing deliveries, a senior European Union humanitarian official said on Wednesday (3 February), reiterating calls for a ceasefire between the Afghan government and the insurgent Taliban.
EU-Africa 07-12-2020

Insecurity holds up aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray region, aid workers say

Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region is too volatile for aid to reach hundreds of thousands of civilians in need, humanitarian workers said on Sunday (6 December), amid reports of persistent fighting, looting and lawlessness.
Development Policy 21-10-2020

UN raises $1.7 billion for hungry, displaced millions in Sahel

The United Nations raised more than $1.7 billion in pledges to fund aid efforts as UN aid chief Mark Lowcock warned a "preventable tragedy is looming" in the central Sahel region.
Global Europe 07-08-2020

EU chief Michel heading to Beirut on Saturday

President of the European Council Charles Michel will head to Beirut on Saturday (8 August), ahead of a major donors conference to raise funds for the blast-damaged Lebanese capital Beirut.
Politics 06-08-2020

EU Commission ready to help Lebanon with preferential trade

The European Commission is ready to help Lebanon with preferential trade and customs backing, president Ursula Von der Leyen said on Thursday (6 August) after a phone call with Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab.