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Elections 08-11-2016

Hungary’s Jobbik could thwart Orbán’s anti-migrant vote

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will seek today (8 November) to bar the resettlement of refugees via a constitutional amendment, but the bid could be thwarted by an unlikely opponent -- the radical right Jobbik party.

Hungarian constitution to ban relocation of migrants

Hungary's right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orbán yesterday (10 October) proposed constitutional changes aimed at banning the mass relocation of migrants, after voters backed his rejection of an EU refugee quota plan in a recent referendum.
Global Europe 03-10-2016

Orbán loses his referendum gamble, remains defiant

Hungary's populist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán suffered a blow yesterday (4 October) in his revolt against the European Union after low voter turnout voided his referendum aimed at rejecting a contested migrant quota plan.

ALDE requests nuclear option over Hungary

The liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament called on Monday (21 September) for the activation of article 7 of the EU Treaty against Hungary over its handling of refugees.
Europe's East 01-04-2015

Trócsányi: ‘There are different interpretations of democracy’

Critics of Hungary "lack objectivity" and it is a "fantasy" to say the press is not free in this country, said László Trócsányi, Hungary's Minister of Justice. The Orbán loyalist maintains that democracy can exist in both neo-liberal and "more conservative" contexts. He spoke to Georgi Gotev for EURACTIV France.  
Elections 07-11-2013

Hungary’s ruling party mobilises diaspora ahead of elections

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urged Hungary's large ethnic diaspora yesterday (6 November) to exercise their newly won right to vote in next year's national election, hoping they would help to further cement his grip on power.
Elections 17-09-2013

Hungary amends its constitution to appease EU

Hungary's parliament has approved changes to the constitution, removing restrictions on political media campaigns ahead of next year's election and backtracking on other legal aspects the European Union has said may conflict with its principles.
Central Europe 30-04-2013

Hungary responds to suspicions with facts

In this opinion piece, Hungarian minister Enik? Gy?ri reacts to criticism by Liberal leader Guy Verhofstadt on Hungary's constitutional changes. EURACTIV has suggested that the debate continues on video.
Central Europe 29-04-2013

Council of Europe turns up the heat on Hungary

Hungary is set to become the first EU country to be monitored by the Council of Europe, following recent changes to the country’s constitution. 
Elections 24-04-2013

Hungarian leaders are playing ‘cat and mouse’ with the EU

The gradual erosion in Hungary of the fundamental checks and balances of a democratic society is not going unnoticed, writes Guy Verhofstadt.
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Future EU 18-04-2013

Commission accuses Hungary of transgressions

The European Commission accused Hungary of nonconformity with EU legislation and breaches of the rule of law during a plenary debate in the European Parliament yesterday (17 April), in the presence of the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.
Central Europe 18-04-2013

Commission accuses Hungary of transgressions

The European Commission accused Hungary of nonconformity with EU legislation and breaches of the rule of law during a plenary debate in the European Parliament yesterday (17 April) in Strasbourg. The country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán paid a visit to the parliament the previous day.
Central Europe 15-04-2013

EU threatens Hungary with legal action over constitution

The European Commission intends to take legal action against Hungary over amendments made to its constitution, the EU executive has said, raising doubts over whether the changes were compatible with EU law.
Central Europe 15-03-2013

Graham Watson: Orbán ‘enjoys playing the bad boy in the class’

European political parties must act responsibly and not give cover for members of their own political parties, British MEP Graham Watson, president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, tells EURACTIV.
Central Europe 13-03-2013

Brussels struggles to bring Hungary back into line

Hungary's decision to change its constitution and limit the power of its top court is a forthright challenge to the European Union, and the uncomfortable truth in Brussels is that little can be done to rein Budapest in quickly.
Central Europe 11-03-2013

Hungary’s constitutional changes fuel new tensions

Thousands of Hungarians protested in central Budapest on Saturday (9 March) against imminent changes to the country's constitution which they fear would curb democratic rights, echoing worries this week from the European Union and the United States.
Central Europe 24-04-2012

In Brussels, Orbán poses as a ‘promoter of the European project’

Far from showing unease about his many critics who accuse him of an authoritarian drift, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Brussels yesterday (23 April) that his country should be seen as a "laboratory" for transforming the EU economically and politically.

Council of Europe adds to Hungary’s predicament

The Venice Commission, a Council of Europe body specialised in constitutional matters, found yesterday (19 March) "numerous problematic elements" in the laws regulating Hungary's judicial system and even called for amending the country's new constitution. 
Central Europe 08-03-2012

Commission tightens the noose for Orbán

In what appears as an escalation of tensions between Brussels and Budapest, the European Commission has opened the second stage of two infringement procedures against Hungary for government interference in the judiciary and in the data protection authority. The next step could be a referral to the European Court of Justice.
Central Europe 17-02-2012

EU Parliament places Hungary under scrutiny

The European Parliament has decided to draw up a report on whether EU laws and values are respected in Hungary, after Budapest passed controversial state reforms that are widely seen as undemocratic. MEPs will later decide whether to activate Article 7 of the EU Treaty, which is used to investigate breaches of EU values. 
Central Europe 25-01-2012

Barroso quiet as Hungary talks stagger

A meeting between European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, aimed at bridging differences over Hungary's controversial state reforms, ended up inconclusively yesterday (24 January). Meanwhile, finance ministers opened the way for sanctions to be imposed on Budapest over its deficit.  
Central Europe 18-01-2012

Hungary’s Orbán steals the show in Strasbourg

The announced arrival in Strasbourg of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán today (18 January) has eclipsed any other highlights of the first session of the European Parliament for 2012. EURACTIV France reports from Strasbourg.
Central Europe 11-01-2012

Danish MPs warn of Hungary ‘core value crisis’

MPs from centre-left and liberal parties in Denmark voiced concern yesterday (10 January) about what they described as a “crisis of Europe’s core values” caused by an apparent authoritarian drift in Hungary. They also asked the country’s government to keep the issue higher on the Danish EU presidency agenda.
Future EU 02-01-2012

US diplomat: Hungary could lose its EU membership

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is “abusing” his power and eroding democracy, which may lead to the country losing its EU membership, former US Ambassador Mark Palmer told a Hungarian daily newspaper today (2 January).