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  • Hungarian EU Presidency slithers through last debate

    News | Central Europe 06-07-2011

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán appeared before the European Parliament yesterday (5 July) in a debriefing exercise with MEPs after the end of the Hungarian EU Presidency. He was commended by political allies for his steering of the EU, but was also strongly criticised by many others for his handling of domestic affairs.

  • Intellectuals ask US to defend democracy in Hungary

    News | Central Europe 28-06-2011

    A group of Hungarian intellectuals have called on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to speak out against what they called their country's "autocratic system" during her visit to Budapest this week.

  • Hungary’s new constitution has freedom at its heart

    Opinion | Central Europe 03-05-2011

    Hungary's new constitution has freedom at its heart and strengthens the country's commitment to individual liberty, democracy and the rule of law in full conformity with European tradition, argues Hungarian MEP György Schöpflin (European People's Party), a member of his country's ruling Fidesz party, in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.

  • New constitution cements Hungarian ruling party’s powers

    News | Central Europe 19-04-2011

    Hungary's Fidesz party pushed a new constitution through parliament yesterday (18 April), bypassing an opposition boycott over complaints the move lacked consensus and will cement Fidesz power beyond the end of its term.

  • Hungary constitution ‘Trojan horse for authoritarianism’

    News | Languages & Culture 18-04-2011

    The new Hungarian constitution, expected to be adopted in Budapest today (18 April), has been severely criticised by civil liberties groups and Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the European Parliament's liberal fraction, who called it "a Trojan horse for a more authoritarian political system in Hungary based on the perpetuation of one party rule".

  • At presidency midterm, Orbán denounces EU ‘absurdities’

    News | Central Europe 15-04-2011

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán presented in Brussels yesterday (14 April) his country's accomplishments halfway through its EU presidency. Pre-empting tough questions on Hungarian internal politics, Orbán lashed out at some of Europe's "absurdities".

  • Hungary moves closer to eurozone opt-out

    News | Central Europe 07-04-2011

    By awarding the forint the status of the only legal tender in Hungary, the country's ruling supermajority appears to be opting out from the euro zone. EURACTIV Hungary reports.

  • New Hungarian constitution slithers through EU hearing

    News | Central Europe 30-03-2011

    Feeble disapproval was voiced at a presentation of Hungary's draft new constitution in the European Parliament yesterday (29 March), with the organisers – from Hungary's ruling centre-right parties – benefiting from the absence of socialist MEPs.

  • Hungary’s new constitution: Family friendly, hostile to gays

    News | Future EU 24-03-2011

    Its authors may have dubbed it "a constitution for the 21st Century" but the final text of the new Hungarian constitution, due to be adopted next month, appears to be a eulogy to the country's Christian roots and past greatness.

  • ‘iPad constitution’ poses challenge to Hungary

    News | Central Europe 10-03-2011

    The new Hungarian constitution will be ready on 15 March and will be adopted a month later, its main author, centre-right MEP József Szájer – who wrote part of it on his iPad – told EURACTIV in an interview. The country's opposition claims the procedure for adopting the new constitution is illegitimate and the controversy could impact upon the Hungarian EU Presidency.

  • Fidesz MEP: Hungary will have new constitution before Easter

    Interview | Future EU 10-03-2011

    The new Hungarian constitution will be adopted by mid-April, the week before Easter, Fidesz MEP József Szájer, vice-chair of the European People's Party and chairman of a group of three parliamentarians who are drafting the New Hungarian Constitution, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

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