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Elections 26-02-2014

Hungary’s good and bad voters

The right to vote in the Hungary’s elections is a matter of being a "good" not a "bad" voter. Is it a surprise that the BTI transformation index 2014 has classified the country as a “defective democracy”, Gabriela Balassa wonders.
Central Europe 08-06-2010

Hungary is facing a value-oriented change

With the new conservative government, a value-oriented change is happening in Hungary, writes András István Türke, director of the Europa Varietas Institute, in a May study. With the country about to adopt a national law on dual citizenship, Türke warns that special attention should be paid to how to communicate this change to the international community.
Elections 05-05-2010

Is Europe heading in the ‘right’ direction?

"Hungary's turn to the right signals a broader challenge across Europe, and not the unfortunate malfunction of one of its youngest democracies," writes Joerg Forbrig, senior programme officer for Central and Eastern Europe at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, in a May paper.