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  • Russian nuclear plant divides Hungarians ahead of election

    News | Elections 04-02-2014

    Hungary’s centre-left opposition is mobilising support against a deal between the government of Viktor Orbán and Russia to build two additional reactors in the country’s only nuclear central. Parliamentary elections are due on 6 April.

  • Hungary’s ruling party mobilises diaspora ahead of elections

    News | Elections 07-11-2013

    Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urged Hungary's large ethnic diaspora yesterday (6 November) to exercise their newly won right to vote in next year's national election, hoping they would help to further cement his grip on power.

  • Hungary repays IMF loan earlier than planned

    News | Central Europe 13-08-2013

    Hungary repaid ahead of schedule yesterday (12 August) all of its outstanding debt, worth €2.15 billion euros, owed to the International Monetary Fund from a 2008 emergency loan programme, the Economy Ministry said in a statement.

  • Budapest to symbolically shut down IMF office

    News | Central Europe 16-07-2013

    Hungary plans to pay back its IMF loan early and called on the fund to shut its Budapest office in what could be a symbolic move by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government to display its economic sovereignty.

  • Commission accuses Hungary of transgressions

     Video | Promoted content | Future EU 18-04-2013

    The European Commission accused Hungary of nonconformity with EU legislation and breaches of the rule of law during a plenary debate in the European Parliament yesterday (17 April), in the presence of the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

  • Commission accuses Hungary of transgressions

    News | Central Europe 18-04-2013

    The European Commission accused Hungary of nonconformity with EU legislation and breaches of the rule of law during a plenary debate in the European Parliament yesterday (17 April) in Strasbourg. The country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán paid a visit to the parliament the previous day.

  • Brussels and Budapest lock horns

    News | Future EU 04-01-2011

    Controversial legislation recently adopted by Hungary's ruling majority has apparently been straining relations with the European Commission since the country took over the rotating EU presidency at the beginning of the year.

  • EU firms nervous about new Hungarian laws, taxes

    News | Central Europe 24-12-2010

    Fifteen large European firms have filed a complaint to the European Commission about hastily-adopted taxes in Hungary which they say threatens their activities in the country taking over the rotating EU Presidency. EURACTIV.hu reports from Budapest.

  • Hungary is facing a value-oriented change

    Opinion | Central Europe 08-06-2010

    With the new conservative government, a value-oriented change is happening in Hungary, writes András István Türke, director of the Europa Varietas Institute, in a May study. With the country about to adopt a national law on dual citizenship, Türke warns that special attention should be paid to how to communicate this change to the international community.

  • Is Europe heading in the ‘right’ direction?

    Opinion | Elections 05-05-2010

    "Hungary's turn to the right signals a broader challenge across Europe, and not the unfortunate malfunction of one of its youngest democracies," writes Joerg Forbrig, senior programme officer for Central and Eastern Europe at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, in a May paper.

  • Voters give ‘revolutionary’ victory to Hungary’s centre-right

    News | Central Europe 26-04-2010

    Hungary's next prime minister, Viktor Orban, said on 25 April that voters had carried out a "revolution" by giving his party two thirds of the seats in parliament to rebuild Hungary after a near financial collapse.

  • Hungary to push water policy overhaul at EU helm

    News | Regional Policy 14-04-2010

    Politicians from Hungarian governing party-in-waiting Fidesz said they would push for a revision of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) in 2011 to help tackle water scarcity and drought. EURACTIV Hungary reports.