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Freedom of thought 24-06-2020

The Moment of Truth

The Hungarian government has faced a barrage of criticism from some of the EU's leadership. Minister for Justice Judit Varga claims this should worry other member states, because they could be next.
Future EU 08-05-2020

Can you take no for an answer?

The political attacks against the Hungarian Government's response to the coronavirus work against a strong and unified Europe, argues Judit Varga.
Future EU 20-04-2020

By surrendering to autocracy in the fight against COVID-19, Hungary poisons European ideals 

The EU must swiftly propose and adopt sanctions against the latest 'democratic backsliding' by the Hungarian government, say leading European politicians, media and civil society leaders in an open letter whose signatories include former Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, and EURACTIV founder Christophe Leclercq.

80 organisations, politicians and journalists call for ‘swift actions’ on Hungary

Following the adoption of the controversial Hungarian coronavirus law, 30 MEPs and 50 journalists, academics and civiI society organisations call for "swift and decisive actions" to address "threats to the rule of law being carried out under the guise of emergency powers" in a letter addressed to the European Commission and Council presidents.
Central Europe 28-10-2014

Commission slams Hungary’s ‘Internet tax’

The outgoing European Commission has delivered an unusually tough statement over a planned new tax on Internet data transfers, which has unleashed boisterous protests in Hungary.
Elections 22-03-2012

Venice Commission: An unbiased criticism of Hungary

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe is an essential tool to examine the controversial laws in Hungary in an unbiased way, argues Françoise Pons from Club Grande Europe.