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Karen Ercoli
Development Policy 22-10-2014

Ending extreme poverty: A majority in the EP is a majority in Europe

A combination of persistence and an affinity with development issues has allowed ONE’s young campaigners to, against all odds, achieve their objective of persuading half the members of the European Parliament to sign a petition to end extreme poverty in the world by 2030, writes Karen Ercoli,
José Graziano da Silva, director-general of the FAO. [FAO]
Development Policy 16-06-2014

Not only hunger, but malnutrition, too

Continued growth in developing countries, along with poverty-reduction policies, have helped to improve both income and food security globally. Still, eradicating hunger remains an enormous challenge that has an impact on every other attempt to improve lives, writes José Graziano da Silva.
Development Policy 06-06-2013

G8 nutrition meeting offers chance to save millions of children

For less than the cost of a typical family’s weekly grocery bill in Europe, we can prevent a child from dying before his or her 5th birthday, Marielle de Sarnez and Eleni Theocharous argue ahead of the G8 Nutrition for Growth Summit on 8 June.
Agrifood 04-09-2012

Tackling the causes of high food prices

Coordinated international action can stop another food crisis like the one in 2007-2008, argue José Graziano da Silva, Kanayo F. Nwanze and Ertharin Cousin of the United Nations.