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Energy 29-03-2022

Start thinking today about how to secure hydrogen imports tomorrow

Even under optimistic assumptions, Europe is likely to need significant amounts of imported energy, mostly hydrogen and derivatives, like synthetic fuels and ammonia, to become climate neutral. So now is time to start thinking about how to secure the EU's future import needs, writes Raffaele Piria.
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Highlights of the Hydrogen4EU virtual event “Charting pathways to enable net zero – What role for hydrogen?”

During the event interesting conversations took place around the Hydrogen4EU report, which charts pathways for low-carbon and renewable hydrogen to contribute to the EU’s goal of net zero GHG emissions by 2050. The keynote speaker was Adina Valean and the panel...

Europe could save €2 trillion by 2050 with low-carbon hydrogen, says report

A new report by Deloitte says massive cost savings can be achieved on the way towards climate neutrality if gas is given a more prominent role.