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Global Europe 02-06-2017

The Arctic: Rebooting the European software

After failing again to become a permanent observer to the Arctic Council, the European Union needs to rethink itself when it comes to the Arctic, write André Gattolin and Damien Degeorges.
Brexit 07-07-2016

Future EU-UK relations: Silver linings or rain clouds?

Now is not the time to get bogged down in what the EU treaties do and do not allow. We need a new vision for Europe that offers members the flexibility they need and can inspire future generations to embrace the European project, writes Tom Parker.
Brexit 28-06-2016

First Brexit, next stop United States of Europe and a Norse League?

In December 2011, EURACTIV.com’s partner, Milano Finanza, published a scenario put together by British historian Niall Ferguson. It concerned Europe in 2021 and his predictions are already starting to materialise.
Trade & Society 11-04-2016

Parliament must stand up for whistleblowers, not corporate secrecy

The adoption of the new Trade Secrets Directive in the European Parliament this week, which seems all but certain, will send a terrible signal to Europeans just one week after the Panama Papers were revealed, writes MEP Julia Reda.
Trade & Society 29-10-2015

Nordic people support free trade across the Atlantic

There is strong support among the Nordic people for TTIP, due to the economic benefits the agreement promises to bring, write Karsten Dybvad, Jyri Häkämies, Carola Lemne, Kristin Skogen Lund and Thorsteinn Víglundsson.
Security 07-06-2013

The Nordic countries and Russia: A contentious collaboration

As the European Union weakens economically and institutionally, Europe's Nordic countries are considering seizing the economic opportunities presented by a comparatively stronger partner: Russia, writes Stratfor.
Enlargement 31-01-2013

EU enlargement: Slower and narrower than ever before

More countries are likely to join the EU, but the process will extend to the end of the decade. At present, the EU lacks real strategic interests in incorporating most of the current candidates. Furthermore, political fragmentation within the EU tempers any desire to grow further, writes Stratfor.
Europe's East 11-03-2012

Ukraine: Not Iceland?

Iceland and Ukraine, two countries that aim at joining the EU and that both had their former leaders prosecuted for abuse of authority, seem to be treated in a completely different way, writes Kost Bondarenko of the Institute of Ukrainian Politics.
EU Priorities 2020 10-09-2009

Iceland: Coming in from the cold

"Iceland's politicians need to conduct an open and transparent debate with the public and with the interest groups concerned, so that the final decision [on whether to join the European Union] is taken on the basis of the best possible information about the EU and what membership means," wrote Graham Avery, a senior advisor at the European Policy Centre, in a September analysis.
Enlargement 29-07-2009

Iceland’s path to EU membership may be a rocky one

The Icelandic parliament's recent vote "to apply for membership [of the European Union] was a close run thing – 33 in favour, 28 against – and it would certainly be wrong to underestimate the negotiating difficulties which lie ahead," writes Michael Berendt, a former European Commission official and current public affairs advisor, in a July post on Blogactiv.
Enlargement 20-03-2002

Iceland comes in from the cold?

Iceland comes in from the cold? The next application for EU membership may come from a somewhat surprising direction. While the enlargement process understandably focuses on the south and east, things may be stirring on the North-western periphery of the...