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  • Icelandic anti-EU parties begin talks to form government

    Elections 29-04-2013

    Iceland's anti-EU centre-right parties began talks yesterday (28 April) to form a new administration, promising to end years of austerity and provide debt relief to households, but haggling over which one of them will lead the government continues.

  • Iceland lowers mackerel quota to appease EU

    Enlargement 04-02-2013

    Iceland has lowered its mackerel quota in a move that could ease the risk of the European Union barring Icelandic fishermen from its ports.

  • EU threatens to punish Norway for breaching EEA agreement

    Trade & Society 30-01-2013

    Norway is failing to live up to its obligations as a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), including imposing extra taxes on EU products and not implementing more than 400 directives, according to an EU report to be published later this year.

  • Iceland wins court case against UK, Dutch savers

    Euro & Finance 28-01-2013

    The court of the European Free trade Area (EFTA) has ruled today (28 January) in favour of the Icelandic bank Icesave in a row over compensations to hundreds of thousands of savers from the UK and the Netherlands who lost their money when the bank collapsed in late 2008.

  • Iceland denies death of EU accession talks

    Elections 17-01-2013

    Iceland’s ambassador to Brussels has denied reports that accession talks with the European Union were dead, telling EURACTIV that only the thorniest negotiating points are on hold until after upcoming elections.

  • Icelanders back first ‘crowdsourced constitution’

    Technology 22-10-2012

    Iceland residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new Constitution written by a Constitutional Council of 25 citizens who gathered feedback through social media. 

  • Commission proposes candidate status for Albania

    Enlargement 10-10-2012

    In its yearly status report on the progress EU hopefuls are making towards membership, the European Commission has good news for Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. The report - published today (10 October) - also calls for a resumption of negotiations with EU candidate Turkey that are stalled because of the long-running territorial dispute with Cyprus.

  • Iceland under pressure to stop EU accession bid

    Enlargement 18-04-2012

    Political pressure is growing on Iceland's Parliament to halt accession talks with the EU, or at least review the negotiation procedure, because of the European Commission's involvement in the legal dispute between Reykjavik and British and Dutch authorities over the Icesave case.

  • MEPs scrutinise EU hopefuls ‘case by case’

    Enlargement 15-03-2012

    The European Parliament adopted yesterday (14 March) resolutions on three countries, representing extremes in terms of their EU accession process: Iceland, which moves on a fast track; Macedonia, the accession talks of which are blocked for a seventh year due to a conflict with Greece; and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the reform process is stalled.

  • Iceland puts former PM on trial over crisis

    Euro & Finance 06-03-2012

    Iceland began the trial yesterday (5 March) of former Prime Minister Geir Haarde for failing to prevent a 2008 financial crash, thought to be the only prosecution in the world of a political leader over the crisis.

  • Iceland offers to help EU fisheries reform

    Climate change 24-02-2012

    There are many good things that you can say about the EU, but the common fisheries policies has not been successful in fulfilling its objective, the Ambassador of Iceland to the EU, Mr. Thorir Ibsen told EURACTIV. He said there was "nothing wrong" that Iceland, an EU candidate, would help this reform, as it has "more experience in this field than the EU".

  • Iceland opens labour market to Bulgarians, Romanians

    Enlargement 06-01-2012

    Iceland has opened its doors to Bulgarian and Romanian workers, giving them the same rights of free movement and employment that other EU citizens have in the European Economic Area.