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Euro & Finance 28-01-2013

Iceland wins court case against UK, Dutch savers

The court of the European Free trade Area (EFTA) has ruled today (28 January) in favour of the Icelandic bank Icesave in a row over compensations to hundreds of thousands of savers from the UK and the Netherlands who lost their money when the bank collapsed in late 2008.
Enlargement 18-04-2012

Iceland under pressure to stop EU accession bid

Political pressure is growing on Iceland's Parliament to halt accession talks with the EU, or at least review the negotiation procedure, because of the European Commission's involvement in the legal dispute between Reykjavik and British and Dutch authorities over the Icesave case.
Brexit 11-04-2011

Britain, Netherlands to take Iceland to court

Britain and the Netherlands plan to sue EU candidate Iceland in a potentially drawn-out legal battle to recover $5 billion (3.46 billion euro) lost in a bank crash after Icelandic voters rejected a plan to repay the money.
Enlargement 27-07-2010

Iceland gatecrashes EU antechamber

Just one year after crisis-hit Iceland submitted its application to join the European Union, the bloc's foreign ministers yesterday decided that the Nordic country should start accession talks today (27 July).
Euro & Finance 01-03-2010

Iceland faces Icesave referendum after talks fail

Iceland's cabinet met on Friday (26 February) to decide its next move in the 'Icesave' debt debacle after talks collapsed with Britain and the Netherlands, raising the prospect of an indefinite hold on financial aid.
Brexit 25-02-2010

Iceland EU accession inspires exotic ideas for debt

As Iceland appears to on a fast track to join the European Union, analysts are coming up with exotic ways of overcoming the main obstacle to the island country's accession – a multi-billion euro compensation package for British and Dutch savers hit by the collapse of the Icesave bank.