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Digital & Media 16-11-2021

Data show mixed situations across EU states on digital transition

The European Commission has set a number of objectives for the digital transition of member states as part of the EU's "2030 Digital Compass", and the annual progress report, released on 12 November, showed mixed results across the bloc.
Facebook Data Center Server Board
Digital & Media 13-05-2015

Renewable energy vital for internet lifestyles says Greenpeace

A Greenpeace report released on Tuesday (12 May) accused utilities of hampering efforts to use renewable energy to power data centres needed for services hosted in the cloud.
Digital & Media 15-01-2015

EU could legislate to make cloud and office servers greener

SPECIAL REPORT: European Commission officials are considering whether to regulate to enforce energy efficiency standards on enterprise servers, technology vital for cloud computing.

Kroes: Industry ‘morally obliged’ to help youth get ICT skills, jobs

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe’s ICT industry has a ‘moral’ obligation to pull behind the Commission’s new Grand Coalition for Digital Growth and Jobs and help young people get jobs, Commission vice president, in charge of the digital economy, has told EURACTIV in an interview.
Digital & Media 20-02-2013

Brussels plans fresh push for more women in ICT jobs

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission in June plans to publish a survey explaining why Europe’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector has too few women despite a projected deficit of 700,000 skilled workers by 2015.

Commission co-opts private sector in grand ICT skills venture

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission in March is due to launch an initiative designed to close the gap between an unskilled workforce and the EU’s growing demand for information and communications technology (ICT).

Should teachers bring ICT into the classroom?

Education experts and lawmakers gathered this week in Brussels at the invitation of US software giant Microsoft to debate the role that information and communication technologies (ICT) should play in education.

Mobile, ICT sectors call for EU data privacy reform

The EU needs to tackle discrepancies between the proposed Data Protection Regulation and the 2002 ePrivacy Directive because they could create inconsistent privacy experiences and rights for consumers, say trade organisations representing the mobile and ICT sectors.
Energy 02-10-2012

Replacing laptops harms the environment, study shows

Upgrading old laptops is more energy-efficient than purchasing newer, 'greener' models, German scientists said on Monday (1 October).
Trade & Society 30-08-2012

Europe’s fragmented digital market holding back recovery: Report

Europe has failed to create the right "ecosystem" that would encourage the creation of new ICT companies and sub-sectors, holding back the continent's post-crisis recovery, says a new study from the Brussels-based think tank Bruegel.

Billion-euro research race enters closing stage

EU scientists and member states will decide over the next six months which future high-tech industries – from a choice including robot servants and nano clothing – should receive a €1 billion European funding boost.
Energy 12-06-2012

Infosys cuts energy use by a third

Indian IT giant claims it's efficiency efforts are better than Google and Apple's, but Greenpeace says it should look beyond itself.
Digital & Media 04-05-2012

Trade ‘reciprocity’ dominates discreet EU-China talks

National security and trade ‘reciprocity’ concerns – particularly in the ICT sector – were key topics addressed at a high-level EU-China meeting on Thursday (3 May).
Digital & Media 16-02-2012

EU eyes energy-efficient design of computer servers

Computer servers, the high-performance machines used to run programmes and software services, are facing a design revamp that will make them more energy efficient, following recent assessments by the European Commission.
Digital & Media 14-02-2012

Web giants in silent battle for ‘social search’ supremacy

Microsoft and Google are developing web platforms combining the roles of social media and search engines – ‘social search’ – in moves that reveal a raging battle to harness cloud computing and combine the web’s most popular functions.
Regional Policy 30-11-2011

Mayors showcase energy savings despite stalled EU talks

Over 3,000 mayors teamed up yesterday (30 November) in efforts to demonstrate that energy efficiency targets could be implemented through a bottom-up approach, despite stagnating talks on a proposed EU energy efficiency directive.
Health 11-05-2011

eHealth task force launched in Budapest

A new EU task force met for the first time on Tuesday (10 May) on the fringes of eHealth week in Hungary to assess the role of information and communications technologies (ICT) in health and social care.
Health 23-06-2010

Healthcare ICT ‘cuts costs and waiting times’

Patients in emergency departments enjoy shorter waiting times when innovative communications technologies are deployed, according to a study by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).
Digital & Media 05-05-2010

High ICT salaries ‘hamper EU digital market’

If the EU does not solve the e-skills gap, fewer engineers on the market will likely keep salaries high and slow down the digital development in Europe and prevent small and medium size companies to compete in the global economy, said the head of cabinet for EU Information Society Commissioner Neelie Kroes yesterday (4 May). 
Climate change 16-04-2010

Commission cautious on smart grids

The European Commission is waiting to hear from an expert group before deciding on a possible legislative framework for smart grids. But a high-ranking official cautioned that any potential regulation would only emerge from industry demand.
Digital & Media 25-02-2010

2020 plan pins hopes on ‘Digital Agenda’

High-speed Internet, lower prices and unlocking the potential of unused spectrum waves for new services all feature in the EU's new strategy for growth and jobs, dubbed 'Europe 2020', according to a leaked document seen by EURACTIV.
Energy 24-02-2010

ICT firms pledge to measure their carbon footprint

Leading associations in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) have teamed up to measure the sector's energy consumption and coordinate action on deploying technologies that contribute to the EU's climate and energy goals.
Digital & Media 10-12-2009

Brussels angry about new Chinese tech wall

Brussels-based ICT federations are in the middle of a public procurement battle with China as the country is pursuing a "protectionist" new law favouring home-grown technology over foreign innovation, according to industry insiders.
Digital & Media 09-12-2009

New EU digital strategy to focus on users’ rights

Consumers will be at the core of the European Union's 'i2015' action plan for the future of the digital economy, which the EU institutions are beginning to shape and plan to deliver by spring 2010.