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  • Web giants in silent battle for ‘social search’ supremacy

    Special Report | News | Technology 14-02-2012

    Microsoft and Google are developing web platforms combining the roles of social media and search engines – ‘social search’ – in moves that reveal a raging battle to harness cloud computing and combine the web’s most popular functions.

  • Using the Internet to cut energy needs

    Special Report | Opinion | Technology 14-12-2011

    The IT sector is under sustained pressure to meet the increasing demand whilst at the same time asked to reduce its carbon footprint, says John Vassallo of Microsoft. How is this conundrum playing out in the EU? And do cloud-based networks and services hold the key to wider EU environmental goals?

  • Mayors showcase energy savings despite stalled EU talks

    News | Regional Policy 30-11-2011

    Over 3,000 mayors teamed up yesterday (30 November) in efforts to demonstrate that energy efficiency targets could be implemented through a bottom-up approach, despite stagnating talks on a proposed EU energy efficiency directive.

  • EU to define ICT ambition as future Internet is shaped

     Video | Promoted content | Technology 08-09-2011

    The role of Europe in shaping the future of the Internet remains to be defined as the European Union's institutions are bracing for a long battle with governments of the union's 27 member states over the amount of money that is to be made available for research & development projects in the ICT sector.
    The amount of money that will be assigned to the new Horizon2020 research funding programme will show exactly where Europe's ambitions are when it comes to determining which technologies will serve people online.

  • What happened to technology’s little guy?

    Special Report | Opinion | Technology 07-09-2011

    The revision of the Data Protection Directive is an opportunity to harmonise the European Union's data protection rules, allowing SMEs to take full advantage of cloud computing's potential to save both time and money, argues Remi Caron of the Association for Competitive Technology.

  • eHealth task force launched in Budapest

    News | Health 11-05-2011

    A new EU task force met for the first time on Tuesday (10 May) on the fringes of eHealth week in Hungary to assess the role of information and communications technologies (ICT) in health and social care.

  • Healthcare ICT ‘cuts costs and waiting times’

    News | Health 23-06-2010

    Patients in emergency departments enjoy shorter waiting times when innovative communications technologies are deployed, according to a study by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

  • High ICT salaries ‘hamper EU digital market’

    News | Technology 05-05-2010

    If the EU does not solve the e-skills gap, fewer engineers on the market will likely keep salaries high and slow down the digital development in Europe and prevent small and medium size companies to compete in the global economy, said the head of cabinet for EU Information Society Commissioner Neelie Kroes yesterday (4 May). 

  • Commission cautious on smart grids

    News | Climate change 16-04-2010

    The European Commission is waiting to hear from an expert group before deciding on a possible legislative framework for smart grids. But a high-ranking official cautioned that any potential regulation would only emerge from industry demand.

  • ICT should be at the heart of healthcare modernisation

    Opinion | Health 07-04-2010

    Information and communication technology (ICT) is a vital component for the delivery of modern health care and ICT tools can play a key role in making patient care more efficient and streamlined, according to a March report by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

  • 2020 plan pins hopes on ‘Digital Agenda’

    News | Technology 25-02-2010

    High-speed Internet, lower prices and unlocking the potential of unused spectrum waves for new services all feature in the EU's new strategy for growth and jobs, dubbed 'Europe 2020', according to a leaked document seen by EURACTIV.

  • ICT firms pledge to measure their carbon footprint

    News | Energy 24-02-2010

    Leading associations in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) have teamed up to measure the sector's energy consumption and coordinate action on deploying technologies that contribute to the EU's climate and energy goals.