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Enlargement 19-04-2018

Croatian Parliament speaker cuts short visit to Serbia after flag incident

A Croatian parliamentary delegation cut short its official visit to Serbia on April 18 after an incident caused by Serbian Radical Party leader, MP and convicted war criminal Vojislav Šešelj. The incident highlighted the fragility of relations between erstwhile Balkan foes, more than 20 years after ethnic wars ended.
Enlargement 22-11-2017

Ex-Bosnian Serb commander Mladic convicted to life in prison for genocide

A U.N. tribunal convicted on Wednesday (22 November) former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic of genocide and crimes against humanity committed in Bosnia, including Europe's biggest massacre since World War II, and sentenced him to life in prison.
Politics 17-08-2017

Hague Court holds Islamist liable for €2.7 million damages after Timbuktu destruction

Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled on Thursday (17 August) that a former Islamist rebel who was jailed for wrecking holy sites in Timbuktu was liable for €2.7 million in damages.
Enlargement 06-01-2017

Brittle Kosovo, Serbia relations feel strain over ex-PM’s arrest

Brittle diplomatic ties between Serbia and Kosovo came under further strain yesterday (5 January) in a row over international arrest warrants issued by Belgrade for former Kosovar guerrillas, including an ex-premier detained in France.
Enlargement 25-04-2016

Pro-EU Vucic set for landslide in Serbian snap election

Serbia's pro-European Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić claimed victory in yesterday’s (24 April) general election after projections showed him winning by a landslide. But the hardline Radicals are set to return to Parliament after a 4-year absence.
Enlargement 12-04-2016

Tensions grow over Serbian accession talks

Croatia’s refusal to agree to the opening of Chapter 23 in Serbia’s EU accession negotiations has heightened tensions between the two countries, which, over the past six months, have grown significantly cooler. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Enlargement 04-04-2016

Seselj acquitted: Balkans outraged, Belgrade conflicted

The acquittal of Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Šešelj by the Hague Tribunal sparked outcry in the wider region of former Yugoslavia region, while the reaction in Serbia was quite mild. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Enlargement 24-03-2016

Hague tribunal: Karadzic guilty of crimes against humanity

UN judges said today (24 March) that former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić was ciminally responsible for the siege of Sarajevo and crimes against humanity in other towns and villages during the Bosnian war of the 1990s He was acquitted...
Enlargement 03-04-2015

Hague court heightens tensions between Serbia and Croatia

The decisions of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), first to set free an indicted war criminal, and then to request his return to The Hague, have heightened tensions between Serbia and Croatia. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Enlargement 03-12-2012

Serbia accuses Hague tribunal of selective justice

  Serbians reacted angrily at the acquittal of a former Kosovo guerrilla leader by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), less than two weeks after the court freed two Croatian military commanders who were accused of war crimes. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Elections 04-05-2012

Serbia prepares for close ‘three-in-one’ super-election

On Sunday (6 May), Serbia will hold joint parliamentary, presidential and local elections. Two days ahead of the poll, the outcome appears uncertain except for the Socialists who are likely to enter the government with either of the main contenders. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
EU Priorities 2020 04-05-2012

Europe faces 3 national elections on ‘Super Sunday’

On Sunday (6 May), the French will elect a new president, the Greeks will hold general elections, and EU hopeful Serbia will designate their new president, Parliament and local authorities. The stakes appear high not only for the individual countries concerned but also for Europe as a whole.
Enlargement 07-10-2011

EU urges ‘prudence’ in Croatia-Serbia spat

The EU urged for 'prudence' yesterday (6 October) as tensions grew between Croatia, an EU candidate expected to become the 28th member state, and its neigbour Serbia, which indicted Croatian nationals over war crimes in the fratricidal wars between 1991 and 1995. EURACTIV Serbia contributed to this article.
Enlargement 22-07-2011

Croatia also bids for war criminal’s extradition

Croatia joined The Hague tribunal yesterday (21 July) in demanding the extradition of war criminal Goran Hadži?, who was arrested two days ago in Serbia. With the last fugitive war criminals from the former Yugoslavia now finally behind bars, many are asking how he was able to hide for so long and who helped him.
Enlargement 23-06-2011

Dutch push for Croatia post-accession monitoring

At the two-day EU summit opening today (23 June) in Brussels, EU leaders are set to agree that Croatia's accession talks be concluded before the end of the month. However, the EU hopeful is under pressure from the Netherlands to accept post-accession monitoring until it has joined the border-free Schengen space, EURACTIV has learned.
Enlargement 07-06-2011

Croatia to close EU talks ‘in matter of weeks’

Croatia yesterday (6 June) closed the fisheries chapter of its EU accession negotiations, making a major leap forward in its membership talks with the bloc, which diplomats now expect to be concluded within "a matter of weeks".
Enlargement 26-05-2011

Serbia’s EU prospects brighten after Mladi? arrest

EU leaders hastened to welcome the arrest of war criminal Ratko Mladi? by Serbian authorities today (26 May). Surrendering Mladi?, known as 'the butcher of Srebrenica', to the International Crime Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia was a major precondition of granting Serbia candidate EU member status.
Enlargement 24-05-2011

Confusion reigns on Croatia’s last stretch to EU

Following a dinner of EU foreign ministers yesterday (23 May), contradictory statements were made regarding Croatia's last few miles on the road to EU accession.
Enlargement 18-04-2011

Support for EU in Croatia hits all-time low

Public support for EU accession in Croatia has reached an all-time low after The Hague sentenced two former Croatian generals to heavy prison terms, according to reports in the country's press.
Enlargement 15-02-2011

Serbian PM sacks key minister as row escalates

Conflicts within the ruling coalition in Serbia escalated on Monday (14 February) when Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovi? launched a procedure for the dismissal of a prominent reformist minister representing a junior party. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Enlargement 21-01-2011

Parliament backs EU-Serbia pact, with strings attached

The European Parliament gave its green light on Wednesday (19 January) to an EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), but tied its support to a series of conditionalities.
Enlargement 25-11-2010

Serbia asked 2,483 questions about EU entry bid

Serbia on Wednesday (24 November) took another step towards EU membership when Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle gave Belgrade a voluminous questionnaire about the country's readiness to join the bloc. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Enlargement 08-11-2010

Croatia’s EU talks making headway

Zagreb closed three additional chapters in its EU accession talks on Friday (5 November), leaving nine more to be negotiated before rounding up the talks, the HINA news agency reported.
Enlargement 22-10-2010

Double-edged decision looming on Serbia

EU foreign ministers, meeting in Luxembourg on Monday (25 October), are expected to finally unblock Serbia's association process, which has been stalled for years over the Netherlands' insistence on seeing war criminal Ratko Mladi? brought to justice.