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Brexit 04-10-2016

Give Brits voluntary dual EU citizenship after Brexit

Despite the EU referendum result, many Brits remain proud Europeans and do not want to surrender the advantages of EU membership. Joe Williams argues that the EU should offer voluntary dual citizenship if the UK leaves the bloc.
Languages & Culture 31-07-2013

Lux award finalist: The EU needs to better protect its culture, cinema

Culture, including cinema, is perhaps more central to the identity of Europeans than that of any other people, so the EU must do more to protect it, says Valeria Golino.
Languages & Culture 27-01-2010

Europe must assert its religious identity, says Frattini

Europe must assert its religious identity if it is to face up to the "challenges" of globalisation and immigration, Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini said yesterday (26 January).
Languages & Culture 20-11-2006

Barroso highlights Europe’s ‘cultural dimension’

The Berlin conference 'A Soul for Europe' on 16-17 November 2006 brought together political and cultural leaders of and called for a 'European public space'.
Languages & Culture 09-05-2006

European values and identity

Debates about European identity have intensified in the context of EU enlargement and the Union's Constitutional and Lisbon Treaties. Although the motto "unity in diversity" is generally seen as best describing the aims of the EU, opinions differ widely as to how it should be understood. 
Languages & Culture 09-05-2006

Europe Day: bringing European identity to the coffeehouse

On 9 May, 27 selected 'Cafés d’Europe' will enable citizens to get a sense of Europe's cultural diversity and to air views on the EU project.