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EU Priorities 2020 22-06-2010

Turk: González report needs follow-up

Without a follow-up, the González report about the measures that the EU needs to urgently adopt to avoid backsliding into irrelevance would be "just another document," Žiga Turk, secretary-general of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

Turk: Universities must be able to reward excellence

Governments should stop promoting average universities in the name of egalitarianism and start rewarding true excellence even if that means creating unpopular differences between the very best and average professors and students, argues Žiga Turk, the Slovenian minister for growth, in an interview with EURACTIV.com. 
Trade & Society 12-03-2008

Žiga Turk: Europe must support ‘creative economy’

The EU's 'Lisbon' goals of boosting R&D and scientific innovation are just "part of the story", Slovenia's Minister for Growth Ziga Turk told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview. He believes the EU can make use of its global lead in fine arts to develop new products and services ahead of its competitors – but only if it makes progress on intellectual property and IT infrastructure.