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Energy 14-12-2012

EU freezes Lithuanian nuclear plant decommissioning funds

The European Commission announced yesterday (13 December) that international donors, among which the largest is the EU, have decided to suspend the funding of one specific decommissioning project in the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in Lithuania.
Energy 16-11-2012

Oettinger urges Lithuania to build nuclear power plant

Lithuania will find it difficult to ensure the security of energy supply without building a new nuclear power plant, Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger said.  
Elections 16-07-2012

Lithuania pushes energy pawns against Russian chess master

Lithuania aims at achieving energy independence by 2020 through the implementation of a series of projects that a high official compared to chess pieces in a match against Russia, its former Soviet master.
Central Europe 10-07-2012

Lithuania warns of nuclear decommissioning funding gap

Lithuania, which closed its Ignalina nuclear power plant as part of its EU accession in 2004, warned that it needed more generous European funding for the site's decommissioning for many years to come. EURACTIV reports from Ignalina.
Energy 30-03-2012

Lithuania signs nuclear power plant deal with Hitachi

Lithuania and the Japanese conglomerate Hitachi concluded today (30 March) a concession agreement for the Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant, paving the way for the next phase of project development of what is seen as one of the most advanced nuclear generation projects in Europe.
Energy 25-11-2011

Lithuania blasts nuclear decommissioning plan

Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius slammed the European Commission yesterday (24 November) for its proposal to help close the Ignalina power station as part of an aid package to decommission nuclear plants in three new EU member countries. 
Energy 26-01-2011

Lithuania pressures Commission against Gazprom

Lithuania stepped up a row with Gazprom on 25 January. The dispute pits EU energy policy against gas supplier Russia and reveals more friction between Moscow and its neighbours over energy.
Med & South 14-12-2010

Belarus nuclear power plant ‘worries’ Lithuania

Plans by Belarus to build a nuclear power plant 50 kilometres away from Vilnius are a worry for Lithuania, the country's foreign minister, Audronius Ažubalis, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.