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EU to tighten guns rules despite concern it will restrict hunters, collectors

European Union governments should agree tighter gun control laws on Friday (10 June) in the wake of Islamist shooting attacks in France and Belgium, despite opposition from some states which say they will hurt only law-abiding enthusiasts.

Commission’s gun proposal shot down by Parliament committee

The European Commission wants to make purchasing firearms in the EU more difficult and has cited the Paris attacks as the main contributing factor. However, Parliament has voiced its concerns about how effective its proposal will be. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Paris attacks show flawed use of Schengen rules, ministers confess

A ‘mea culpa’ emerged from the emergency meeting on security matters on Friday (20 November), as EU member states acknowledged they did not use all the tools at their disposal to address the terrorist threats.
Europe's East 11-09-2013

Ukraine suspects Russian sabotage of EU push

Ukraine has strongly rebutted allegations that one of its little-known ports had been used for massive arms shipments to Syria. Analysts source the claims to Russia, which may be aiming to repeat the ‘Kolchuga affair’ that successfully isolated Ukraine from the West in 2002.