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Development Policy 19-02-2018

Are geopolitics, trade and human rights compatible enemies?

Europe cannot turn a blind eye to the Human Rights abuses occurring in third countries, unless we rewrite the mandates of the functioning of the EU institutions and the Treaty, writes MEP Tomáš  Zdechovský.

Gender equality: Let’s get our house in order

SPECIAL REPORT / Public administrations everywhere in Europe need to be more in tune with the people they serve and use the full potential of both men and women, writes Kristalina Georgieva in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.

On 1 May, Europe needs to ditch austerity for growth

  The political and social limits of the eurozone’s “austerity-induced recession” are quickly being reached and a new, fairer model of growth must be created, argues Juan Somavía.