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EU-Africa 15-06-2021

Africans do not yearn for Europe

The recent events in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta may have suggested otherwise, but (most of) Africa does not yearn to come to Europe, writes Oriol Puig.
Brexit 16-10-2019

No escape from the hostile environment

The UK's offer of settled status to EU citizens may have seemed like a change of tack in its migration policy but there are many causes for anxiety, writes Roger Casale.

Why are we not reforming the Dublin Regulation yet?

In view of the long-blocked negotiations about the reform of the EU's Dublin asylum system, Luigi Achilli argues that it is not migration but the lack of a common European response that is putting the EU's future at risk.
Global Europe 18-10-2018

Northern Africa: Europe’s new border guard?

As another EU summit gets underway, Leïla Bodeux and Davide Gnes wonder what values Europeans are willing to give up in order to stop migration.  
Brexit 01-03-2018

Tony Blair is right on immigration but did nothing to control freedom of movement

After Brexit, the rest of Europe will control freedom of movement sensibly without discriminating on grounds of nationality, adhering to the principle that has been in all European treaties since 1950, writes Denis MacShane.

Child immigration detention: Why EU states must cut it out

European governments are treating children like criminals by detaining them because of their migration status. It’s time to care for them as the children they are, writes Lavinia Liardo.

Migrants need cities; Cities need migrants

Many places being cited as examples of cities reborn - including London, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sidney - owe their renaissance to growing populations of the foreign-born, writes William Lacy Swing.

Britain, chaos and Calais

Sending a few sniffer dogs across the Channel to deal with what David Cameron called “swarms” of refugees cannot cope with the scale of the problem, writes Melanie Sully.
Cecilia Malmström

The EU needs more labour migration

Labour migration is becoming a sensitive issue and misperceptions are widespread. If the potential of migration to deal with labour and skills shortages is to be further explored, policymakers at all levels have a responsibility to enter into an informed debate based on facts and a long-term view, writes EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

Sarkozy chooses dishonour

Anti-immigration measures may come back to haunt French President NicolasSarkozy, writes Dominique Moïsi, author of The Geopolitics of Emotion.

Reflecting on the French EU Presidency’s Pact on Immigration and Asylum

The French EU Presidency's flagship project for a European Pact on Immigration and Asylum is "far from being an initiative endowed with a truly European nature," argue Sergio Carrera and Elspeth Guild in a September policy paper for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Enlargement 24-07-2007

Why Europe should have open borders

Politicians need to have the courage to stop fighting an unwinnable and destructive war against migration and seek instead to make the best of it, argues freelance writer and analyst Philippe Legrain in the summer edition of Europe's World Magazine.

Labour migration expanding in OECD countries

A better understanding of the links between migration and development is required to implement coherent and effective migration policies, outlines the OECD in its report, 'International Migration Outlook'. The study shows that international migration continues to grow, in response to labour needs.

Return policy as part of migration plan

The MIREM project, or 'Collective Action to support the reintegration of return migrants in their country of origin', hosted by the Robert Schuman Institute, is aiming to fill a knowledge gap regarding the patterns of reintegration of return migrants into Maghreb countries.  

Comments: Migration benefits the economy – so stop the hypocrisy

The backlash against migration makes no sense, two commentators from opposite sides of the political spectrum in British newspapers argue. 
Security 28-04-2006

Analysis: Bruegel on high-skilled immigration

Jakob von Weizsäcker (from the economic think tank Bruegel) analyzes European immigration patterns from a skills' level perspective, and introduces policy proposals for the EU to open up to highly qualified migrants.
Economy & Jobs 15-11-2005

Commentary: French assimilation vs. British multiculturalism – what integration model for Europe?

Trevor Philllips, chair of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) in the UK, contrasts the different integration models in France and the UK in an interview with Le Monde of 12 November.

Negative and Positive Integration in European Immigration Policies

Negative and Positive Integration in European Immigration Policies Abstract This paper, published by the European Integration Online Papers in August 2002, deals with the question of how European integration impacts on national immigration policies. The study differentiates between types of...