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  • Sweden’s EU immigration plans facing headwinds

    Justice & Home Affairs 11-06-2009

    The renewal of the EU's justice and home affairs priorities will be a key challenge for the forthcoming Swedish EU Presidency. But despite the country's legislative credentials, Sweden's 'Stockholm Programme' is likely to fall short of its ambitions, sources told EURACTIV.

  • EU seeks to punish employers of illegal immigrants

    Social Europe & Jobs 04-02-2009

    The European Parliament is today (4 February) poised to vote in favour of new legislation aimed at punishing employers who hire illegal immigrants, shifting the responsibility to companies.

  • Divided Parliament approves EU Blue Card system

    Social Europe & Jobs 21-11-2008

    Despite divisions among political groups, the European Parliament yesterday backed the EU's 'Blue Card' scheme aimed at attracting high-skilled immigrants to Europe.

  • European workers less mobile as recession looms

    Social Europe & Jobs 19-11-2008

    The influx of workers from former Communist countries to 'old' EU members had an extremely positive impact on the host economies but internal migration appears to have reached its peak, according to a European Commission report published yesterday (18 November).

  • Summit to back immigration policy overhaul

    Science & Policymaking 15-10-2008

    Dwarfed by the financial crisis, the issue of immigration has momentarily slipped to the back of political debate, meaning that the adoption later today (15 October) of a European Pact on Immigration and Asylum by EU leaders – meant to be one of the highlights of the French EU Presidency – risks going unnoticed.

  • Business calls for EU deal on visas for skilled immigrants

    Innovation & Industry 14-10-2008

    As EU leaders prepare to give the green light to a European Pact on Immigration and Asylum later this week, businesses underline that immigration is not only about controlling borders and illegal workers, but also about attracting highly skilled people to Europe thanks to smoother and faster allocation of work and residence permits.

  • EU eyes higher pay for skilled immigrants

    Justice & Home Affairs 24-09-2008

    Foreign engineers or doctors applying for jobs in the EU should earn at least 1.5 times the average salary in their host country in order to be defined as "skilled workers", EU ministers agreed ahead of a justice and home affairs meeting on Thursday (25 September).

  • EU Court secures right to family reunification

    Social Europe & Jobs 31-07-2008

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled against Ireland in a case where it refused residence permits to four African nationals married to Irish citizens, arguing that free movement and residence rights enjoyed by EU citizens must be granted to their spouses and families, irrespective of their nationality.

  • French minister defends ‘Pact on Immigration’

    Justice & Home Affairs 16-07-2008

    Rebutting criticism from the press and MEPs, French Minister for Immigration and Integration Brice Hortefeux insisted that an EU 'Pact on Immigration and Asylum' is essential, presenting his country's EU Presidency priorities before the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs on 15 July.

  • Sarkozy sweet-talks European Parliament

    Development Policy 11-07-2008

    A determined Nicolas Sarkozy outshone his critics during the debate that followed his presentation of the French Presidency's priorities in the European Parliament on 10 July. In a skilled address, the French President accused those EU leaders who are reluctant to proceed with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty of "cowardice". 

  • ‘European Pact on Immigration’ unveiled

    Justice & Home Affairs 07-07-2008

    France is expected to achieve the first success of its EU Presidency by officially presenting a 'European Pact on Immigration and Asylum' at informal talks between justice and home affairs ministers on 7-8 July in Cannes. The text, seen by EURACTIV, has been watered down to accommodate concerns from Spain, which advocates a more open immigration policy.

  • France drops controversial immigrant integration plans

    Justice & Home Affairs 02-07-2008

    Spain has forced France to abandon its plans for a compulsory "integration contract" for immigrants, which, if adopted, would require third country nationals to conform with the local "national identity" in order to settle in the EU, diplomatic sources told EURACTIV.