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Politics 29-06-2018

Over A Coffee with Tanja Fajon, Slovenian MEP

Tanja Fajon meets Brian Maguire over a coffee to talk about Europe’s handling of the migration crisis and the toxic impact of populism on Europe’s values.
Elections 31-10-2017

What role should Germany’s new federal government play in Europe?

Brexit, EU enlargement, the Greek debt crisis: during the German election campaign European politics has hardly played a role.
Global Europe 29-03-2017

Making a stop in Serbia, part II: People helping people

As tragedies unfold, aid workers talk about the lack of hope among the refugees and their potential for self-harm. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Global Europe 14-02-2017

Farage disparages Muslim immigration, says Europeans agree

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage expressed anger at the European Union in a heated debate this morning (14 February). Farage stated that leaders are ignoring the true wishes of Europeans.
Protest against Trump policy in Brussels
Global Europe 30-01-2017

Muslim ban protest in Brussels

A diverse crowd gathered in the freezing rain on Monday afternoon (30 January) at the Bourse, the Brussels Stock Exchange, to protest US President Trump’s Muslim ban.
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Friedrich Heinemann
Defence policy 29-09-2016

Study shows Franco-German consensus on defence and immigration integration

French and German members of parliament are both open to granting more competencies to the EU in the fields of defence and immigration policy. There is, however, considerable disagreement on certain reform proposals for the eurozone.
Nigel Farage
Future EU 14-09-2016

Brexit battlers Farage and Verhofstadt butt heads at State of the Union speech

The European Parliament's Brexit point man Guy Verhofstadt today (14 September) clashed with UKIP leader Nigel Farage at the debate after Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's State of the Union speech.
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Global Europe 25-11-2015

EuroPhilantopics 2015: Interview with Róża Thun MEP

An interview with Ró?a Thun, MEP, during the 2015 EuroPhilantopics. EuroPhilantopics is the annual event for foundations and EU institutions to come together and consider the challenges facing people and communities in the next 5-10 years. This year's theme was trust and how it can be levered to pave the way to a fairer society.
Brexit 14-10-2015

Captain Europe: Grexit, Brexit and my double life

The European Union's only superhero Captain Europe shares his thoughts on Grexit, Brexit and the refugee crisis. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.com, he also gives us a glimpse of the mysterious man behind the mask...
Global Europe 23-09-2015

Orbán: If Greece cannot defend its borders, let others do it

If the Greeks are not able to defend their own borders […], let the other countries of the European Union defend their borders,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Wednesday (23 September).
Global Europe 23-09-2015

Merkel on refugee crisis: ‘International programmes are not sufficiently financed’

"We all, me included, have seen that the international programmes are not sufficiently financed. We hope for a signal that the gap in the WHO will be filled,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday (23 September).
Global Europe 23-09-2015

Cameron pledges £100 million to help Syria

"When it comes to Syria, Britain has already given over a billion pounds. Today I can announce we will commit another £100 million (about €136 million) including £40 million pounds for the vital World Food Programme,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said upon his arrival at an extraordinary EU summit in Brussels on Wednesday (23 September).
Global Europe 23-09-2015

Tusk: ‘The future of Schengen is at stake’

“The most urgent question is how to regain control of our external borders. Otherwise it doesn't make sense to even speak about a common European migration policy,” European Council President Donald Tusk upon his arrival at an extraordinary EU Summit in Brussels on Wednesday.
Economy & Jobs 25-06-2015

Tusk warns Cameron: ‘The fundamental values of the EU are not for sale’

EU Council President Donald Tusk warned the UK that “the fundamental values of the EU are not for sale,” as the British Prime Minister is set to lay out his UK referendum plans during the June Council Summit in Brussels.
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Economy & Jobs 25-11-2014

Pope Francis: Europe’s idea has been replaced by bureaucracy

In his much awaited visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday, His Holiness Pope Francis warned MEPs that “Europe seems to have lost their attraction, only to be replaced by the bureaucratic technicalities of its institutions.”
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Development Policy 30-09-2014

Mimica: We must stop poverty before its starts

Commissioner-designate for Development Neven Mimica sailed through his hearing without difficulty, as MEPs from the development committee quizzed him on Monday.
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Commission launches ‘Frontex+’ to help Italy deal with immigration

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström announced on Wednesday that the European Commission is set to intensify its assistance to Italy to help it deal with its immigration problems.
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Economy & Jobs 11-07-2014

More immigration means less unemployment, EU says

The European Commission said on Friday that the lack of immigration in Europe can translate into “an unprecedented reduction in Europe’s demographic weight in the world, the unsustainabilty of its welfare systems, the ageing of its skills.”
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Europe's East 07-07-2014

Asylum seekers up by 30% in 2013, EU says

2013 saw around 435.000 people seeking for international protection in the European Union, a 30% increase compared to 2012, according to a report published by Europe's Asylum Office on Monday.
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Global Europe 30-04-2014

Commission ‘acknowledges’ Swiss backtracking on immigrations curbs

Switzerland will grant workers from Croatia access to its labour market in a bid to kickstart treaty negotiations with the EU that were frozen after Swiss voters approved curbs on immigration. The Commission ‘acknowledged’ the move, but added that a longer-term solution was needed to mend the effect of the Swiss anti-immigration February referendum.
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Reding urges UK citizens to make ‘informed decisions’ on EU membership

As EU elections approach, EU Justice commissioner Viviane Reding said on Monday that there is a need for more information about the European Union across EU member states. Amid increasing debate on immigration and free movement of people across the 28 nation bloc, Reding urged British citizens to make 'informed decisions' on the future of Britain's EU membership.
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Immigration in Europe

EPTV charts the often treacherous journeys undertaken by migrants and asylum seekers to the EU each year.   Comment on:  Google+ - http://tinyurl.com/orh99s6 Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/europeanparliament Twitter - https://twitter.com/Europarl_EN
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Global Europe 10-02-2014

EU warns Switzerland of consequences after anti-immigration referendum

Brussels warned Switzerland on Monday that all their bilateral agreements will be revised, after the Swiss on Sunday narrowly backed a curb on EU immigration. 50.3% of Swiss nationals voted yes to reintroducing immigration quotas on EU citizens, in a referendum heavily opposed by Swiss business leaders and the federal government. The European Commission heavily criticised the outcome of the vote, saying it goes against the principle of free movement of people.
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Brexit 16-01-2014

Barroso: We don’t want first and second class citizens in Europe

The European Commission accused countries that want to limit the free movement of people in the European Union of indulging in chauvinism and stereotypes, an apparent reference to Britain's increasingly staunch views on migration.