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Agrifood 06-10-2021

Commission sat on Farm to Fork report for months, published quietly in August

The European Commission chose to delay for half a year the publication of its controversial report on the potential effects of the EU’s flagship food policy, the Farm to Fork strategy, opting instead for a quiet mid-summer publication, according to documents seen by EURACTIV.
Agrifood 23-09-2021

EU Agri Commissioner dangles promise of ‘comprehensive’ Farm to Fork impact assessment

The EU’s Agriculture Commissioner, Janusz Wojciechowski, has teased stakeholders with the promise of a 'comprehensive impact assessment' of the Commission's pivotal food policy, the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F), but remained vague as to what this means in practice.
Agrifood 17-03-2021

EU farmers boss: Commission leaving agri sector to wait like ‘animals for slaughter’

By choosing to impose green objectives without undertaking a comprehensive impact assessment, the European Commission is leaving the EU farming sector vulnerable and waiting like “animals to be slaughtered”, according to the head of the EU farmers association.
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Energy 22-10-2020

Financing the energy transition should take into account regional differences between Member States

An increased EU’s emission reduction target by 2030 is currently a hotly debated topic in Brussels.  Regardless of whether the target will be 55% or 60%, reaching EU’s ambitious climate change targets requires significant investment outlays. Paweł Strączyński is PGE’s...
Biofuels 20-07-2017

Study: Commission’s biofuels policy ignored ‘Better Regulation’ principle

The impact assessment study on which the European Commission based its proposal on the use of biofuels in transport after 2020 has “fundamental shortcomings” and ignored the Better Regulation principle, a new study claims.
Climate change 21-04-2017

EU scientists ‘Trump-et’ need for evidence-based policies

It’s an age-old question: policy-based evidence, or evidence-based policy? While the answer has traditionally been left to policymakers, scientists and their supporters are marching around the world on Saturday 22 April to demand political leaders enact evidence-based policies.

Democracy denied: How the Commission keeps people out of lawmaking

With its Better Regulation agenda, the European Commission talks big about making EU decisions more transparent and increasing public participation. But the reality is very different, writes Anaïs Berthier.
Frans Timmermans

‘Better Regulation’: Why Timmermans should go beyond the Regulatory Scrutiny Board

The need for robust, impartial evidence in impact assessment is understood by all. However, since its mandatory introduction in 2002, three key issues remain to be addressed - impartiality of evidence gathering, governance and scrutiny, writes Stijn Hoorens.

Commission’s better regulation panel mooted for watchdog role

EXCLUSIVE: The European Commission’s reformed Impact Assessment Board could one day evolve into an independent watchdog, scrutinising legislation on behalf of the executive, the EU Parliament and Council, EURACTIV has learnt.

EU’s revamped industrial policy dogged by ‘better regulation’ dispute

SPECIAL REPORT: An overhaul of EU industrial policies scheduled for early next year will come under intense scrutiny as stakeholders squabble over related initiatives aimed at simplifying European laws and assessing their wider impact on business and society.
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When science meets politics: the EU’s impact assessment review

The European Commission is reviewing its impact assessment guidelines amid accusations that science is becoming increasingly politicised and scientists manipulated by policymakers and powerful interest groups.
Public Affairs 29-09-2010

Auditors assess role of impact studies in EU decision-making

Impact assessments have been "broadly effective" in supporting decision-making within the EU institutions, but have failed to take account of amendments made to legislation by the Parliament and member states, found a European Court of Auditors report published yesterday (28 September). 
EU Priorities 2020 19-07-2007

Improving the quality of Commission proposals

The Commission’s impact assessment system for new proposals is failing to deliver, according to a study carried out by UK-based consultancy Evaluation Partnership and quoted by the European Policy Centre (EPC) in a new commentary.
Public Affairs 27-07-2006

Analysis: Europe needs a subsidiarity early-warning mechanism

Edmund Stoiber, Minister-President of Bavaria, writes in Europe's World's summer edition that a subsidiarity early warning mechanism would - along with an improved regulatory impact assessment system - constitute a major step towards a stronger, more competitive EU.

Always think of consequences, Barroso tells EU officials

New guidelines published by the Commission on impact assessment say officials should look in particular at economic and competitiveness concerns when drafting new legislation.

Dimas upbeat about EU-US climate change co-operation

Co-operation on market-based instruments is a "significant achievement" of EU-US talks on climate change, Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas has told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Climate change 11-05-2005

Interview with Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas

Cooperation on market-based instruments is a "significant achievement" of EU-US talks on climate change, Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas has told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview. Other topical subjects covered in the interview include: REACH, research on eco-technologies, impact assessments, the Lisbon strategy and the implementation of environmental legislation.

Barroso promises more ambitious sustainable development strategy

Impact assessment and sustainable energy policy are the key priorities for a revived EU sustainable development strategy, according to a stakeholder conference held in Brussels.
Public Affairs 01-12-2004

New business alliance wants better, independent impact assessments

Twelve influential industry federations have joined forces to fire up the EU's Lisbon agenda. In a common press statement they have attacked the deficiencies of the EU's impact assessments for future policies.
Climate change 18-10-2004

New study predicts lower costs of REACH

A study performed by US academics on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers says REACH will cost around 0.06% of annual sales revenues to the European chemicals industry.
Energy 22-07-2004

New environmental impact assessment rules herald new era in public planning

New EU rules will force national and local authorities to take environmental considerations into account for all major public projects from agriculture to transport, industry, energy or tourism.
Security 10-06-2004

Dutch Presidency to review costs of EU legislation for industry

At a breakfast policy briefing on the priorities of the upcoming Dutch Presidency, ambassador Tom de Bruijn pleased his audience by promising a thorough review of the costs of EU legislation for industry.
Climate change 14-01-2004

Commission sues Member States on enforcement of environmental rules

On 13 January, the EU executive issued last warnings or took legal steps against ten Member States on water policy and Environmental Impact Assessment.
EU Priorities 2020 02-10-2002

EU ministers want Commission to measure impact of all future legislation

The Competitiveness Council of 30 September welcomed the Commission's plans for better regulation. The ministers stated their intention not to consider legislative proposals, as of the beginning of 2003, unless they are accompanied by an impact assessment.