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Energy 22-10-2020

Financing the energy transition should take into account regional differences between Member States

An increased EU’s emission reduction target by 2030 is currently a hotly debated topic in Brussels.  Regardless of whether the target will be 55% or 60%, reaching EU’s ambitious climate change targets requires significant investment outlays. Paweł Strączyński is PGE’s...

Democracy denied: How the Commission keeps people out of lawmaking

With its Better Regulation agenda, the European Commission talks big about making EU decisions more transparent and increasing public participation. But the reality is very different, writes Anaïs Berthier.
Frans Timmermans

‘Better Regulation’: Why Timmermans should go beyond the Regulatory Scrutiny Board

The need for robust, impartial evidence in impact assessment is understood by all. However, since its mandatory introduction in 2002, three key issues remain to be addressed - impartiality of evidence gathering, governance and scrutiny, writes Stijn Hoorens.
EU Priorities 2020 19-07-2007

Improving the quality of Commission proposals

The Commission’s impact assessment system for new proposals is failing to deliver, according to a study carried out by UK-based consultancy Evaluation Partnership and quoted by the European Policy Centre (EPC) in a new commentary.
Public Affairs 27-07-2006

Analysis: Europe needs a subsidiarity early-warning mechanism

Edmund Stoiber, Minister-President of Bavaria, writes in Europe's World's summer edition that a subsidiarity early warning mechanism would - along with an improved regulatory impact assessment system - constitute a major step towards a stronger, more competitive EU.