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Technology 29-10-2021

The outstanding issues on the DMA

The IMCO vote on the Digital Markets Act has officially been delayed, as some significant difference remain between the main political groups.
Former chairman of the EU's High Level Working Group on Administrative Burdens, Edmund Stoiber. [EC]

Edmund Stoiber: ‘I have changed the EU’

Former Bavarian leader Edmund Stoiber was the EU's "Mr Red Tape", retiring after seven years of trying to reduce bureaucracy in the bloc. Before presenting his final report, he spoke of a "change of consciousness" in Brussels and called on member states to do their share to cut excessive regulation. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Council voting: Who are the EU hardliners and ‘yes men’?

VoteWatch Europe has released its first-ever report examining national voting trends in the Council of the European Union. The survey provides new insights into the main areas of disagreement and could help reveal which member states are ‘most difficult’.
Future EU 04-12-2007

Implementing the Treaty of Lisbon

The implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon's institutional innovations may encounter "serious difficulties", according to an analysis by three Brussels think tanks.
Euro & Finance 09-05-2007

UK rebuffed over Equitable Life scandal

A special European Parliament inquiry committee urged the UK to compensate victims of the Equitable Life scandal, which incurred major financial losses for more than a million people. MEPs also said that the EU should put the necessary regulation in place to prevent such cases in the future.
Brexit 19-02-2007

‘Crunch time’ for EU financial services

The EU's Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP), intended "to bring greater competition and efficiency" is unlikely to work, according to Keith Boyfield, a London-based consultant writing in a Wall Street Journal article.
Euro & Finance 02-02-2007

Commission lauds ‘best ever’ internal market score

Latest figures show that Member States have achieved their best result as regards the transposition of EU law into national legislation, with Italy finishing at the bottom of the pack.
Climate change 02-11-2006

Analysis: ‘Environmental democracy’ – the gap between law and practice

The Access Initiative, a global coalition of public interest groups, carried out a report on comparative levels of ‘environmental democracy’ among a selection of central and east  European countries.
Climate change 25-09-2006

Member states behave better on environmental laws

A new Commission report indicates a marked improvement in the implementation of environmental legislation by member states.
EU Priorities 2020 15-06-2006

Analysis: the EU’s legislative compliance problem

Making greater use of Regulations instead of Directives and imposing tougher non-compliance penalties may not be the solution to induce member states to improve their application of EU laws and policies, argue Dr Phedon Nicolaides and Helen Oberg (EIPA, Maastricht).