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Future EU 04-12-2007

Implementing the Treaty of Lisbon

The implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon's institutional innovations may encounter "serious difficulties", according to an analysis by three Brussels think tanks.
Brexit 19-02-2007

‘Crunch time’ for EU financial services

The EU's Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP), intended "to bring greater competition and efficiency" is unlikely to work, according to Keith Boyfield, a London-based consultant writing in a Wall Street Journal article.
Climate change 02-11-2006

Analysis: ‘Environmental democracy’ – the gap between law and practice

The Access Initiative, a global coalition of public interest groups, carried out a report on comparative levels of ‘environmental democracy’ among a selection of central and east  European countries.
EU Priorities 2020 15-06-2006

Analysis: the EU’s legislative compliance problem

Making greater use of Regulations instead of Directives and imposing tougher non-compliance penalties may not be the solution to induce member states to improve their application of EU laws and policies, argue Dr Phedon Nicolaides and Helen Oberg (EIPA, Maastricht).