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Europe has saved the banks, now we must save its citizens

Introducing an EU-guaranteed minimum income would send a clear message to Europeans that the Union really is there for them, writes Georges Dassis.
Economy & Jobs 03-10-2017

Food expert: There is a link between poverty and unhealthy diets

Working class people are being harmed as companies abandon free lunch programs, according to food and health policy expert Dr Martin Caraher.

EU riven by big wage disparities

Income inequality is rife within the EU, with average wages in northern member states up to five times higher than those in Southern Europe, according to Eurostat figures published on Monday (12 December).
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Inequality in Europe: Tackling the income and wealth gap

Austerity measures adopted in the past years have widened inequality in terms of income and wealth within and between EU countries.

World Economic Forum warns of dangers in growing inequality

A chronic gap between rich and poor is yawning wider, posing the biggest single risk to the world in 2014, even as economies in many countries start to recover, the World Economic Forum said on Thursday (16 January).

Germany sees largest wage rise in nearly 4 years

German wages had their sharpest rise in nearly four years in July in stark contrast to the pay cuts and job losses seen in most of the eurozone.

What do citizens want? Well-being measurement and European social policymaking

"The gaps in the information which is already available are not a good enough reason for Europe to drag its feet in refocusing policy to ensure that the EU has a sustainable economic and social model capable of meeting the challenges it will face in the future," write Sotiria Theodoropoulou and Fabian Zuleeg, policy analysts at the European Policy Centre, in a December paper.

Redistributing wealth across Brussels

"There [has been] a growing disparity between the highest and lowest incomes [in Brussels] since the end of the 1980s," argue Christian Kesteloot, a professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and Maarten Loopmans, a lecturer at the Erasmus University College Brussels, in a Brussels Studies e-journal.

72m EU citizens threatened by poverty

Sixteen per cent of EU citizens are at risk of poverty, say the latest Eurostat figures. Half the countries that joined the EU in 2004 do a better job protecting their citizens from poverty than the average for the EU-15.