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Inequality in Europe: Tackling the income and wealth gap

Austerity measures adopted in the past years have widened inequality in terms of income and wealth within and between EU countries.
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Development Policy 26-03-2013

The 2014-2020 EU Aid Budget: Enough to do the job?

Europe’s leaders are in the final stages of negotiating one of the world’s biggest aid budgets. But how committed are they to delivering on promises to sustain the EU’s involvement in developing economies? In austerity-hit Europe, should development be prioritised and how? What will 2013 and beyond bring for those in the EU’s development sector?
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Economy & Jobs 07-01-2013

James K. Galbraith on the crisis and inequality in Europe

American economics professor James Galbraith presented his views on the Eurocrisis and the U.S. debt crisis during a high-level conference organised by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) in Brussels on 11 December 2012.