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Development Policy 20-07-2018

Child malnutrition still prevalent in Chad’s capital

In the capital of Chad, N'Djamena, the Chad-China Friendship Hospital treats cases of acute malnutrition in young children, a countryside phenomena that has taken over the city in the past few years. EURACTIV.fr reports.
[Kathy Cassidy/Flickr]
Health 28-10-2014

Children: the hidden victims of heart disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in a child's early months. Up to 8,000 children are born with heart disease in France each year. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Development Policy 02-05-2013

World on track to meet 4 of 21 UN development targets

Governments are on track to meet four of the 21 targets set out in the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals by the 2015 deadline, the lead author of the World Bank’s 2013 Global Monitoring Report told EURACTIV.
Development Policy 23-04-2013

Mobilising against poverty, hunger and inequality

People are losing trust in their leaders. What the bottom half of humanity sees is a new apartheid that divides a global rich and predatory minority from the overwhelming majority’s growing poverty, joblessness and social inequality, writes Jay Naidoo.