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Euro & Finance 08-05-2006

German hoarding will give short-term boost to EU economy

The EU economy will grow stronger in 2006 than in previous years, according to the Commission's spring economic forecast. The boost will be partly due to stockpiling before a major VAT rise in Germany.

UK: labour migration from EU-10 rising but still low

Two years after the opening of UK labour markets for workers from Central Eastern Europe, only one out of eight companies has employed EU-10 workers, a new report finds.
Digital 15-11-2005

Europe’s digital divide is slowly narrowing

Despite increasing levels of ICT usage in all regions and all sections of society, the digital divide in Europe still exists, says a new report by Eurostat.

EU labour trends: sluggish growth and levelling of unemployment

Employment is slowly rising throughout almost all of the EU, two Eurostat reports say. But growth is too slow to meet the Lisbon targets, and regional disparities are strong.