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Public Affairs 13-02-2009

Robbery exposes EU institutions’ security threat

A man with a gun robbed a bank inside the European Parliament building in Brussels yesterday (12 February). The brazen act has raised questions about the security risk in the EU institutions.
Digital & Media 28-05-2008

EU Internet agency urges action to avoid ‘digital 9/11’

Cyber threats need to be tackled more vigorously by member states in order to preserve the European economy, said Europe's internet security agency as it showcased its achievements in Brussels on 27 May.
Digital & Media 09-04-2008

Commission eyes common cyber defences

The European Commission is exploring ways to strengthen Europe's common cyber defences and will present new plans at the beginning of 2009, announced Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding.
Digital & Media 17-09-2007

Internet Security

Security in the online world is essential for the internet to realise its economic potential - but experts agree that there is no simple solution to a problem that has multiple dimensions: technological, societal, economic and psychological.