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Digital & Media 26-09-2014

EU privacy watchdogs give Google guidelines to change privacy practices

European data privacy regulators on Thursday handed Google a package of guidelines to help it bring the way it collects and stores user data in line with EU law, after six regulators opened investigations into the US internet giant.
Trade & Society 12-07-2012

Brussels unveils ‘smart cities’ innovation scheme

The European Commission has announced a new €365 million a year innovation partnership scheme aimed at boosting the development of ‘smart’ technologies in cities, EU officials told the press on Tuesday (10 July). 
Digital & Media 12-12-2008

Commission unveils plans to ‘green’ ICT

The European Commission will publish proposals next February to boost the use of smart technologies to combat climate change, Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding told industry representatives in Brussels.
Digital & Media 12-11-2008

’Collective intelligence’ tool enters European Parliament

Interactive tools have made their way into the European Parliament for the first time, facilitating large-scale deliberation during a high-level conference on climate change yesterday (11 November).
Digital & Media 22-02-2007

Commission lays ground for next-generation wireless electronics

A Commission decision to harmonise radio frequencies used by ultra-wideband technology is expected to boost the market for wireless services and products, including laptops, mobile phones and televisions.

Large public-private research initiative set for 2007

ARTEMIS, the first European Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) will conduct research in embedded computing systems, with 3 billion euro expected to be spent on electronics and software from 2007-2013.
Transport 29-09-2006

Life-saving technologies being ignored

'Smarter' car technology could save thousands of lives, but consumers are unaware of its benefits.
Digital & Media 15-02-2005

Brief – Poor lag behind in access to the internet

Women have overtaken men in the use of ICT and the elderly are taking up the new skills, but the poor still lag behind, says a new EU report on digital divide.