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Digital 30-10-2014

Europe under massive virtual cyber attack

More than 200 organisations from 25 EU member states are under virtual cyber-attack today  (30 October), as part of the continent’s largest and most complex ever cyber security exercise.
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Digital 20-08-2014

Amplifying the voice of the European internet industry

Chris Sherwood, Head of Public Policy at the Allegro Group talks about the partnership between Allegro and EURACTIV:
Digital 16-04-2014

Kroes slams Belgium for banning taxi reservation app

Neelie Kroes, the Commission Vice President responsible for the Digital Agenda, slammed Tuesday (15 April) the decision of a Belgian court to ban Uber, a US-owned taxi-service application, and lashed out at a Belgian minister for taking this initiative with the aim of “protecting a cartel” of Brussels taxis.
Digital 06-09-2012

What lawmaking can learn from Wikipedia

The European Parliament is readying the publication of its software source code, a move that would open up the details of its lawmaking processes. Meanwhile a number of political activists are undertaking their own initiatives to make not only lawmaking processes, but also content more transparent.
Digital 30-05-2011

The world’s most powerful join the digital revolution

G8 leaders face the difficult challenge of both maintaining freedom on the Internet and coming up with appropriate regulations on child protection and intellectual property rights, writes European Commissioner Neelie Kroes. 
Digital 26-01-2010

Reding to move swiftly on Internet privacy

The EU's Data Protection Day on Thursday (28 January) will be the first public opportunity for the new commissioner in charge of fundamental rights, Viviane Reding, to spell out her priorities on Internet privacy, particularly regarding an upcoming review of the Data Protection Directive, officials close to the commissioner said.
Digital 23-06-2009

Reding makes plans for new Commission term

As negotiations hot up over the composition of the next European Commission, Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding is already making plans for a new, broadened mandate with the same portfolio.
Digital 12-11-2008

’Collective intelligence’ tool enters European Parliament

Interactive tools have made their way into the European Parliament for the first time, facilitating large-scale deliberation during a high-level conference on climate change yesterday (11 November).
Digital 20-11-2007

The environmental impact of e-business and ICT

Scientific assessments of the environmental impact of information and communications technologies (ICT) are generally insufficient, write Lan Yi and Hywel R. Thomas in this paper from the University of Cardiff.
Digital 08-06-2007


The Commission’s i2010 programme aims to promote convergence in information and communication technologies by 2010, an ambition that Brussels considers vital to the overall objective of boosting innovation and jobs.

Large public-private research initiative set for 2007

ARTEMIS, the first European Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) will conduct research in embedded computing systems, with 3 billion euro expected to be spent on electronics and software from 2007-2013.

EU to push for research and convergence in ICT

EU leaders meeting at the spring summit endorsed the Commission's proposed 'i2010' initiative to boost R&D in the ICT sector. But they did not say whether they would support the Commission's plea for the EU R&D budget to be doubled.
Digital 15-02-2005

Brief – Poor lag behind in access to the internet

Women have overtaken men in the use of ICT and the elderly are taking up the new skills, but the poor still lag behind, says a new EU report on digital divide.
Digital 20-01-2005

The European Union and its eGovernment development policy

In this book, Antonio Alabau from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain), tries to answer the following question in the context of the Lisbon strategic objectives: Can the EU, using instruments from its Industrial, Trans-European Networks, Research and Technological Development, Internal Market, Competition and Regional Development Policies, get public administrations to use ICT, carry out organisational changes, improve public services and democratic processes and develop their public policies?