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Digital 24-09-2012

Greening ICT

Investments in information and communication technologies (ICT) are set to double by 2020 across the European Union, to match consumers' ever-growing hunger for online services. But this also comes at a cost for the environment in terms of electricity consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The European Commission is now openly asking itself whether the industry should be regulated.
Trade & Society 12-07-2012

Brussels unveils ‘smart cities’ innovation scheme

The European Commission has announced a new €365 million a year innovation partnership scheme aimed at boosting the development of ‘smart’ technologies in cities, EU officials told the press on Tuesday (10 July). 
Digital 25-06-2012

New standardisation promotes ICT trade and competition

The recently agreed new Regulation on EU Standardisation – and a new multistakeholder platform - represent a milestone for the ICT sector and a good result for the Danish presidency, say Jean Laurens and Rebekka Porath.

Why European SMEs need the digital single market

The fragmented nature of the EU's digital single market is preventing many small businesses from reaping the benefits of the Internet and ICTs, write Ann Mettler and Sylwia St?pie?.
Brexit 03-06-2010

E-finance at small firms: Little use of advanced services

Small companies in Europe are unsurprisingly behind larger firms when it comes to applying modern IT services and advanced e-finance methods – adding to the overall gap in productivity. Yet adopting online banking can be an important first step, writes Thomas Meyer, managing director of Deutsche Bank (DB) Research, in a May report.
Brexit 26-04-2010

Investment ‘slowly returning to tech sector’

Investors are opening their wallets again but their tolerance of risk has been dampened by the crisis, Jean-Bernard Guérrée, CEO of the World Investment Conference, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Brexit 17-04-2009

SMEs ‘quick path to market’ for innovation

A leading French expert in technology transfer has highlighted research partnerships with SMEs as an efficient way to bring innovative new products to market. In an interview with EURACTIV, Dr Bruno Sportisse, from the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA), said working with SMEs may be challenging but can have a major impact.

Information technology and innovation for SMEs

Information and communications technology (ICT) has a key role to play in driving innovation and competitiveness for small businesses and the IT sector itself. But equipping the labour force with the right skills and providing access to high-tech infrastructure are essential if the full potential of ICT is to be harnessed.
Digital 27-02-2009

IT is not green and never ever will be!

"It is up to corporate and government strategists to exploit the potential of 'green IT'," argues Stefan Heng, a researcher at Deutsche Bank, in a February paper.
Digital 15-09-2008

EU seeks to dodge IT row with trade pact overhaul

The EU will present plans to re-negotiate a multilateral agreement on trade in information technology (IT) products amid accusations that it is imposing excessive tariffs on imported high-tech goods such as flatscreen TVs and multifunctional printers.

How Europe could leapfrog the US in productivity

Despite Europe leading the United States in the application of digital technologies, it is still far behind in overall economic productivity, argues Robert Atkinson, the president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, in the summer edition of Europe's World.
Digital 30-05-2008

EU-US trade row erupts over IT products

After months of silent scramble, a battle between the EU and the US on IT customs tariffs erupted after Washington decided to file a formal complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against European duties on certain high tech goods, including flat-screen TVs and multifunctional printers.

INRIA: EU firms ‘too shy’ about basic research

Dialogue between big companies and research organisations should be improved in order to boost the EU's innovation potential, argues Michel Cosnard from the French national institute for research in computer science (INRIA).

Interview: EU firms ‘too shy’ about basic research

Dialogue between big companies and research organisations should be improved in order to boost the EU's innovation potential, argues Michel Cosnard from the French national institute for research in computer science (INRIA) in an interview with EURACTIV.
Digital 22-02-2008

EU plans mandatory energy-efficiency standards for ICT

The Commission will propose in 2008 a range of measures to increase the use of ICT in the fight against climate change and energy waste. There are also plans on the table to introduce compulsory public procurement standards, said Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding.

Philosopher: ‘Science should be more democratic’

Politicians and scientists need to listen to the people and strive towards more democracy in science by means of interactive new technologies such as blogs, said Michel Serres, a French philosopher and member of the French Academy.
Health 24-10-2007

Vienna conference sets out priorities for healthcare ICT

Establishing electronic health records and connecting the information with hospital and remote environments such as the physician's office and private homes should be the top priorities for improving the quality of healthcare over the next two years, according to senior healthcare professionals.

Large public-private research initiative set for 2007

ARTEMIS, the first European Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) will conduct research in embedded computing systems, with 3 billion euro expected to be spent on electronics and software from 2007-2013.
Digital 08-06-2006

Commission seeks advice on ICT sector shake-up

A task force representing all sectors of the industry, academics, consumer advocates and trade unionists will draft a report on how to foster the growth of Europe's Information and Communication Technology industry.
Digital 20-10-2005

European softwaremakers create ‘virtual Silicon Valley’

Twenty six software companies based in Europe or with major European subsidiaries have set up a new association to boost their industry and to represent it better on such issues as intellectual property rights.
Euro & Finance 27-04-2005

IST prize for smart card

A new type of smart card has won one of the three prestigious European IST prizes for innovation in the information technology field.
Digital 17-11-2004

Commission reassesses Europe’s ICT policy priorities

At the IST2004 event in Den Haag, the Commission has unveiled its new work programme for information technologies and set out the priorities for the 7th Framework Programme.
Digital 02-11-2004

Why is there a Productivity Problem in the EU?

This CEPS paper poses the question of whether IT – as often alleged – is really the only cause for the EU’s productivity slowdown and it argues that the slowdown comes from a reduction of non-IT capital deepening.

Searching for the determinants of IT investment – Panel data evidence on European countries

The aim of this paper is to identify the degree of information technology (IT) adoption in individual European economies and to analyse the determinants of IT investment among a panel of EU countries.