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Economy & Jobs 14-12-2015

A browse among the tombstones

Muscovites already enjoy Wi-Fi in cafes and the metro – but soon they will be able to surf the web wirelessly while visiting their dead. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Alibaba was one of the Chinese companies in Brussels to talk up cooperation with European businesses
Digital & Media 07-07-2015

China to Europe: ‘We can build a Silk Road in cyberspace’

China's top internet regulator assured European technology companies on Monday (6 July) that they're welcome to set up shop in China, saying his agency monitors foreign businesses in a fair manner.
Facebook Data Center Server Board
Digital & Media 13-05-2015

Renewable energy vital for internet lifestyles says Greenpeace

A Greenpeace report released on Tuesday (12 May) accused utilities of hampering efforts to use renewable energy to power data centres needed for services hosted in the cloud.
Digital & Media 30-04-2015

Europe’s south, east, lagging on digital connectivity

The Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal and Spain are flagging in the digital economy compared with their northern European counterparts, according to an index of global connectivity conducted by Chinese-headquartered tech company Huawei.
Digital & Media 17-03-2015

Oettinger calls for ‘Europeanisation’ of digital policy

The European Union is the largest single market in the world, but it still consists of 28 fragmented digital markets, a structure Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger hopes to transform into a “Digital Union of Europe." EURACTIV Germany reports.

Europe’s startups get bootcamp booster

In Europe, hundreds of entrepreneurs have set up incubators that are adapting the Silicon Valley model to fast-track new companies. For politicians, the trend represents an economic bright spot, although few, if any, of these firms will ever be a Google or Facebook.

3D printing needs rapid attention of EU Commission

3D printing is reshaping some of the foundations of today’s society and economy. A report by Netopia shows the opportunities are monumental, but so are the legal and regulatory challenges on product safety, consumer protection or even international trade tariffs and value added taxes, writes Per Strömbäck.
Digital & Media 17-10-2013

European schools need to prepare for the future

Recent studies reveal that European schools are not adequately preparing themselves for the future. A pan-European project, iTEC aims to help plug the gap, writes Roger Blamire.