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Health 24-04-2018

How patient groups could help tackle ‘fake news’ on vaccination

Patient groups play a crucial role in providing the right information and thus tackling fake news on vaccination, according to experts, who say this is increasingly necessary to restore confidence in this field.
Health 24-01-2018

Health tech bill to kick off busy policy agenda in 2018

The European Commission will propose a new law on Health Technology Assessments to kick off a busy EU health agenda in 2018.
Health 25-11-2010

Lawmakers tighten rules on drug information to patients

Patients should get better information on prescription drugs following a vote in the European Parliament yesterday (24 November) that aims to better educate consumers and protect them from hidden advertising.
Health 23-08-2010

Health Literacy: skills for living

The first half of 2013 will witness the Council and Parliament finalising the Commission's new proposals for updating the directive on information to patients on medicines. The new regime that this ushers in will aim to tackle almost half of Europe's patients, who are 'health illiterates'.
Health 24-06-2010

Parliament to press for patient ‘health literacy’

New EU rules designed to improve medical information available to patients will fail unless levels of health literacy are improved across Europe, MEPs and health campaigners warn.
Health 19-05-2010

Information to patients: as if the Internet were still a walled garden

European cancer patients continue to suffer from a lack of access to quality information and are often lured by untrustworthy sources such as counterfeit online pharmacies. The EU must urgently establish a coherent and comprehensive strategy to allow patients to make informed choices, writes Jan Geissler, director of the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), in an April blog post.