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Disinformation 16-03-2022

TikTok accused of allowing Kremlin propaganda

Kremlin propaganda is being shared on TikTok by a "network of coordinated accounts" despite the platform's ban on new Russian content, according to a study. EURACTIV France reports.
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EU experts looking for clarity in EU information

In a workshop held at EURACTIV's headquarters, EU experts gave their thoughts on making the data on EU affairs more accessible and making the process more efficient. 

Can Europe become an entrepreneurial society?

Entrepreneurial capability is not confined to business; it is just as important for non-profits, for health, education and even for public services. Hence, we need to form and educate entrepreneurs, and we must cultivate a deep and systematic understanding of the discipline of entrepreneurship, says Dr Richard Straub.
Health 23-09-2011

Tell people how to take pills, Commission urged

Health specialists urged  the European Commission to include provisions to its revised proposal for the controversial Information to Patients directive, expected for early October, so that patients are fully instructed on how to take medicine properly.
Health 21-09-2006

‘Who drives demand for more information to patients?’

Ahead of the first Pharmaceutical Forum meeting, a think-tank report presents stakeholder positions and tables a number of questions for debate on information to patients.
Health 16-06-2006

Informed patient

Future of healthcare in Europe needs more involvement of citizens in their health and healthcare. This, in turn, requires reliable and high-quality health-related information for patients and citizens.
Health 20-10-2003

What kind of and how much health information do patients need?

Representatives of the Commission, academia, industry, pharmacies and NGOs gathered on 16 October to discuss possible EU policy actions to improve the way health information is communicated to patients.