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  • Social networks put careers at risk, survey finds

    News | Digital 01-02-2010

    Almost half of European recruiters seek information on potential candidates using online social networks and almost a quarter have rejected candidacies on the basis of their research, according to a survey released for EU Data Protection Day.

  • EU-US discuss terrorism and trade

    News | Climate change 02-05-2002

    EU and US leaders are meeting on 2 May 2002 in Washington to discuss terrorism, trade, and other topics of importance to both regions. This is the second Summit with the Bush Administration after the EU-US Summit in Göteborg in June 2001.

  • Commission adopts Communication to help worlds’ poor with ICTs

    News | Digital 28-01-2002

    The Commission Communication outlines its intention to play a more proactive role in the use of the information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the fight against poverty.

  • ICTs crucial to business logistics, says Commission survey

    News | Digital 28-01-2002

    A survey done for the Commission concludes that information and communication technologies (ICTs) are crucial to business logistics. The impact would be less apparent in business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, albeit still substantial, than in business-to-business (B2B).

  • Priorities Spanish EU Presidency in the field of information society

    News | Digital 23-01-2002

    During its EU Presidency, Spain intends to focus on the future of e Europe and on cooperation with Latin American countries in the field of the Information Society.

  • Commission closes inquiry into compact disc prices

    News 20-08-2001

    The European Commission has closed an investigation into possible price-fixing for compact discs (CDs) after changes to business practices. The inquiry focused on allegations of retail price maintenance by the world's biggest music companies.

  • Electronic signatures authentication network gets green light

    News | Digital 02-08-2001

    On 1 August the European Commission cleared 'Identrus', a global network for the authentication of electronic signatures. The clearing enables participating financial institutions to operate as individual and competing certification authorities for the purpose of securing e-commerce transactions using the Identrus infrastructure.

  • EU electronic signatures directive comes into force

    News | Digital 25-07-2001

    As of 19 July 2001 advanced electronic signatures have the same binding force as a handwritten one in the EU. Although not all Member States have yet fully implemented the directive, this means documents can be signed via electronic means and have the same legal consequences as a document signed with a traditional signature.