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Traffic jam
Languages & Culture 03-09-2015

Haulers fear migrant crisis will slow down intra-EU trade

Truckers caught up in Europe's migrant crisis say business is increasingly disrupted by queues and stowaways, but they are far more worried governments will step up border controls.
Transport 26-01-2015

Commissioner calls for standardised road pricing in member states

European Union Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc called for the introduction of a standardised European-wide road pricing system in comments she made to a German Sunday newspaper.
Competition 23-04-2014

France concerned over ‘cabotage’ abuses

Just days after the European Union passed new rules on posted workers to fight social abuses in the construction sector, France is back on the attack, this time asking for an update of cabotage rules in road freight. EURACTIV France reports.
Transport 15-06-2009

Ministers reiterate support for green railway transport

EU transport ministers yesterday (11 June) paved the way to make rail freight transportation more attractive, as a way of reducing pollution and traffic on European roads.
Transport 06-09-2007

Hauliers baulk at EU plans for dangerous cargo

Parliament has backed rules allowing member states to prescribe specific modes of transport or routes for transporters of dangerous goods such as chemicals, despite fierce protests from hauliers, who claim that this will "complicate the business exponentially".