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Agrifood 23-09-2021

Ball now in court of German states to protect species in agriculture

Aus Sicht der EU-Kommission soll Deutschland bei der Umsetzung der EU-Agrarreform stärker den Schutz der Biodiversität fördern. Mit welchen Maßnahmen dies geschieht, kommt noch auf die Pläne der Bundesländer an.
Agrifood 09-02-2021

New German insect protection legislation draws a sharp divide

Farmers always say that they care about the environment, while environmental protection organisations demand ever stricter regulations for the agricultural industry. With Germany's new insect protection law, the conflicts of interest between the two groups have reached a new peak. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Agrifood 17-12-2020

German cabinet fails to reach an agreement on insect protection

Due to continuing divisions between the Agriculture and Environmental Ministries, the German government was unable to reach an agreement on the draft of a Insect Protection Act (ISG) on Wednesday (16 December). EURACTIV Germany reports.