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Economy & Jobs 15-07-2019

OECD calls on members to speed up reforms, focus on innovation

In its annual growth report, the OECD painted a gloomy picture: rising inequalities, slowing growth and strong headwinds for the global market economy, notably because of trade wars. EURACTIV Germany summarised the OECD's recommendations for Europe.
Elections 23-08-2018

Cyprus insurer’s bankruptcy sends shockwaves through Bulgaria

The liquidation of Cyprus’ Olympic Insurance, largely unnoticed on the island, is sending shockwaves through Bulgaria as it has left almost 200,000 policyholders with no coverage, causing a serious political crisis.
Euro & Finance 26-02-2016

A ‘Chapter 11’ Law for Europe’s entrepreneurs

Europe’s conflicting insolvency rules create uncertainty among investors, discourage cross-border investment and delay the restructuring of companies facing financial difficulty, writes Paul McGhee. Ironing out these inconsistencies will give businesses a better chance of bouncing back and deliver growth to the real economy, he argues.
Competition 20-10-2009

Cartel money should fund SMEs, says union leader

Three billion euros' worth of EU cartel fines could fill a growing credit gap for small and medium-sized enterprises, according to a proposal made by Christopher Leitl, president of the Austrian SME union, to the European Commission.
Future EU 14-11-2003

Expert group calls for reform of insolvency laws and social attitudes to bankruptcy

A recent report on bankruptcy in Europe assesses how insolvency laws impact on the survival of businesses.