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Safe at Home: Cutting Fossil Fuel Imports Through Renovation

Fears of leaving Europeans unable to heat their homes have led to governments allocating billions of euros for energy bill rebates, in some cases even pledging to freeze gas and electricity tariffs. Spending on this scale will not be sustainable...
Energy 22-03-2021

UK government’s green homes grant in urgent need of rescue, MPs say

The UK government’s flagship home insulation scheme, intended to kickstart a green recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, has been botched, disastrous in administration, devastating in some of its impacts, and stands in urgent need of rescue, an influential committee of MPs has said. EURACTIV's media partner, The Guardian, reports.
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How to keep a renovation promise? Quality and quantity

When the European Commission announced its new strategy to renovate 35 million buildings by 2030 as part of a multi-billion-euro green recovery programme it felt like a genuinely historic opportunity. David Ducarme is the Group Chief Operating Officer at Knauf...
Agrifood 21-01-2020

French bio-waste finds second life in building insulation

By using hemp, brewers grains and spelt husk, many French SMEs are starting to manufacture natural insulation materials based on bio-sourced materials and biowaste, which have not previously been 're-purposed'. In other words, they are using 'green' alternative to conventional insulation. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 04-07-2018

UK set to ‘dramatically’ miss 2030 energy efficiency targets for homes

The UK will not meet its 2030 goals to boost energy efficiency in its housing stock until the end of the century, new research from think tank IPPR has concluded. EURACTIV's media partner edie.net reports.
Energy 11-05-2017

Inaction on building renovation is ‘costing lives’

Energy efficiency renovation can alleviate fuel poverty and bring a raft of health and societal benefits. While the EU could do more to boost renovation, several governments have shown that effective answers can be found at a national level.

Commission warmly welcomes benefits of industrial insulation

Industrial insulation could bring massive cost and emissions savings, industry-funded research has found, with energy efficient investments earning back their cost in two years at most.
Energy 16-01-2014

‘Low carbon leakage’ begins as EU prepares to junk efficiency goal

EXCLUSIVE / Fears of a relocation of Europe's clean energy industry abroad - low carbon leakage - have been fanned with news of a factory closure by a German insulation company that has a billion-dollar annual turnover.

Study: Insulation could save industry €3.5 billion a year

EXCLUSIVE / Better insulation could shave 4% off European industry’s total fuel consumption and emissions bill, a sum worth €3.5 billion a year, says an unpublished report by the Ecofys consultancy.
Energy 03-01-2011

Nearly €8bn of EU energy savings fund lies unclaimed

As the EU struggles to meet its target of reducing energy consumption by 20% by 2020, energy efficiency grants from a reallocated fund worth eight billion euros are still going unclaimed, according to a top European Commission official who spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
Energy 23-12-2010

Top official: ‘EU unlikely to meet energy-efficiency goals’

The EU is unlikely to meet its target of reducing energy consumption by 20% by 2020, but the decreasing cost of renewables means that an EU-wide approach to its funding could be envisaged, says Marie Donnelly, director of energy efficiency and renewable energy at the European Commission.