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Brexit 27-10-2017

UK lawmakers knock Bank of England and insurers’ heads together

The Bank of England and the insurers it regulates must find common ground over proposed tweaks to European Union rules so that the 1.9 trillion pound (€2.14 trillion) sector stays competitive after Brexit, a panel of UK lawmakers said in a report today (27 October).
Economy & Jobs 17-07-2017

Global cyber-attacks could spur $53 billion in losses

A major, global cyber-attack could trigger an average of $53 billion (€46.30) of economic losses, a figure on par with a catastrophic natural disaster such as US Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Lloyd's of London said in a report today (17 July).
Economy & Jobs 04-07-2017

Regulating finance: What future for Europe after the US elections?

Efforts to strengthen risk management in the banking and insurance sector were stepped up in the wake of the 2008 financial crash.
Brexit 22-06-2016

CFA Institute boss: ‘Brexit isn’t going to happen’

Institutional investors, like insurers and pension funds, are increasingly turning to long-term investments, according to Paul Smith, the head of the CFA Institute. Smith told EURACTIV.com he is “very” optimistic about Europe, saying be believes Britain will not leave the EU.
Digital 10-06-2016

EU considers new insurance laws for driverless cars

The European Commission is trying to figure out whether insurance laws should be changed to cover crashes caused by driverless cars. With no human in control of the cars, insurance companies are already rethinking who will be liable for the new technology.
Digital 06-06-2016

New EU digital laws could boost specialised cybersecurity insurance

Newly passed EU laws on data protection and cybersecurity could be a boon for insurance companies, which are set to pick up more clients once the rules go into effect in 2018.
Digital 21-01-2016

Bank chief: The end of cash could happen within a decade

Cash could become history within a decade, thanks to new financial instruments, including virtual currencies, some of the world's leading bankers said during the World Economic Forum on Wednesday (20 January).
Brexit 29-05-2015

Brexit could hit London insurance market

A British exit from the European Union could hit London insurers' ability to sell policies in Europe and may deter overseas players from opening London offices, a trade body said on Friday.
Digital 22-04-2015

European insurers’ global reach challenged by cyber threat

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe plays a leading role in the global insurance business. But maintaining this position will depend on its ability to respond to emerging threats in the digital economy, analysts warn.
Euro & Finance 21-04-2015

Consumers lukewarm on cross-border finance, insurance

SPECIAL REPORT / A key problem facing policymakers and industry analysts looking to the provision of cross-border services in finance is the level of consumer demand.
Euro & Finance 20-04-2015

EU insurance sector strong but still fragmented

SPECIAL REPORT / With trillions of assets under management, the insurance sector remains a mainstay of the European financial industry. But insurance services are less frequently offered across borders, adding unnecessary costs to consumers, critics say.
Brexit 16-12-2014

Insurance sector faces consolidation with new EU rules a year away

New, stricter capital rules for Europe's insurers could spur takeovers and consolidation next year among the region's 5,000 insurers, after recent stress tests showed nearly one in seven would fail them, analysts and industry executives said.