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Future EU 31-01-2019

EU must bring Serbia and Kosovo back to the table

Despite the remarkably promising Western Balkans Strategy presented by the Commission almost a year ago, 2018 could be described as “one step forward, two steps back” with regards to the European aspirations of the Western Balkans, write Djordje Bojović and Nikola Burazer.
Health 01-06-2018

National team competition is vital for preserving European sports model

At the latest Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council meeting, a number of European sports ministers expressed concern over the impact of commercial trends in elite sports on the integrity of the European sports model, based on solidarity. Kamil Novak explains what role the EU should play
Future EU 29-05-2018

Europe can bounce back by building trust with young people

Young EU citizens want to reclaim ownership of the European project and make it a force for good in the world. With culture and art, they could help cultivate an identity that would go deeper than legislation and regulation, writes Danuta Hübner.
Enlargement 16-08-2016

Biden hails gold medal for a country Serbia says doesn’t exist

US Vice-President Joe Biden has chosen this week to come to what is still Europe’s great unfinished business – the West Balkans. Can Biden knock any sense into his Serb hosts? Unlikely, says Denis MacShane.
Brexit 17-06-2016

The UK may leave, but English will remain

Britain has a history of leaving legacies. The most significant one it may leave on the EU in the event of Brexit may turn out to be the English language, writes Colin Mackay.
Future EU 19-05-2016

Where are the limits of our Europe?

Last week, we celebrated Europe Day. For the EU, this was the time to celebrate its unity; for Sander Loones it is time to ask questions. Who do we want to be? Do we dare to set a limit on the number of newcomers? What do we do with those who are hostile to our values and our population?

After the killings: We the people of the capital of Europe

After the bloodshed of 22 March, the city of Brussels must live on. Philippe Van Parijs explains how Brussels can grow stronger and why unity is now more import than ever.
Security 30-03-2016

The challenges of the Brussels bombings

Last week's attacks on Brussels exacerbate already existing tensions over freedom of movement and deepening integration. Thanos Dimadis contends that we should think twice before giving into our fears.
Languages & Culture 08-12-2015

Refugee crisis highlights differences of French and Dutch integration models

With the refugee crisis, the French are testing the limits of assimilation as a model of integration, while the Netherlands is grappling with a growing distance between Dutch identity and 'Dutch tolerance’, writes Eline Chivot.
French President and German Chancellor address a solemn plenary session in Strasbourg on 22 November 1989 following the fall of the Berlin's Wall
EU Priorities 2020 02-10-2015

A Franco-German duet in front of a fractious Parliament

Those who wish Europe well will be hoping that Merkel can emulate Kohl’s leadership, and that Hollande can cut a more commanding figure than the wily Mitterrand, writes Andrew Duff.
Global Europe 10-12-2012

EU-Ukrainian Association Agreement: To sign or not to sign?

The leak of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA) turns the focus of their relations to a Shakespearean question: to sign or not to sign. And since Ukraine is ready to sign, it puts the onus on the EU, in the complex geopolitical games of Russia, Europe, the US and other influential international players, argues Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 20-07-2012

Risk of EU contemplation regarding Ukraine

In the present agenda of cooperation between the EU and Ukraine, it makes no sense to discuss visa liberalisation, argues Viktor Tkachuk.

Let’s get back to EU values

Europe needs to return to its core values of integration, tolerance and diversity as the means of coping with globalisation, argues European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) President Staffan Nilsson.
Future EU 07-12-2007

The new EU Treaty and the prospects for future integration

As European leaders prepare to sign the Treaty of Lisbon on 13 December, a new publication from the European Policy Centre (EPC) considers the outlook for the future of EU integration.
Future EU 24-09-2007

The EU after the Reform Treaty

The Reform Treaty is a "relatively small step" in the EU’s institutional development, marking "neither a major development" nor a "substantial change of direction" in that process, writes Brendan Donnelly of the Federal Union.
EU Priorities 2020 21-09-2007

Europe must politicise or die

Europe "urgently needs a proper debate as well as choices about its political direction" if it is to "regain the interest of its citizens" and include them in its deliberations, writes Olaf Cramme for Open Democracy.
EU Priorities 2020 13-09-2007

The future of Islam in the European Union

It is only by facing reality and properly taking the European Muslim dimension into consideration that a clash of civilisations may be avoided, claim the authors of a study carried out for the European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education.
Enlargement 15-01-2007

After the accession of Bulgaria and Romania: ending the contradiction between widening and deepening

This Fondation Robert Schuman policy paper argues that enlargement contributes to further integration by allowing the EU to play a greater role on the international scene.
Future EU 26-10-2006

Analysis: Renewing the European Answer

This strategy paper, discusssing Europe’s future, was presented at the “International Bertelsmann Forum” (IBF), a conference attended by several EU leaders in September 2006.
Future EU 03-02-2006

Analysis: A portrait of the Union in a puzzling state of mind

This issue of "EU-25 Watch" addresses key issues and challenges to European integration.  The internet study was published by Barbara Lippert and Timo Goosmann of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP)  in Berlin within the framework of EU-CONSENT a "Network of Excellence". It  sheds light on key issues like the "Lisbon process" or the "role of the EU in the World".  The analysis is based on reports by institutes from all 25 EU members states as well as from the four acceeding/ candidate countries Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey.
Security 12-07-2004

What European Union Strategy for Integrating Migrants?

The success of a common migration policy depends on the successful integration of immigrants into the host society. This conference report adresses what should be the policy objectives of an integration policy at EU level.

After Madrid – avoiding a “clash of civilisations”

This report argues that Europe must tackle root causes of terrorism actively. It examines the path to ensure the security of the Union against terrorism while guaranteeing the rights and civil liberties of Europe's law-abiding Muslim population.
Enlargement 31-08-2001

The banking sector: crucial for convergence and integration

Well-developed financial markets are a prerequisite for EU accession Well-developed and stable financial markets – defined as banks and other financial institutions as well as capital markets – are crucial for convergence and the successful integration of the Central and...
Enlargement 06-07-2001

Poland: The Challenge of EU Integration

In the eyes of most economists, Poland is a model of successful reform thanks to the impressive economic momentum it has generated and the speed of structural change. But how do things look when it comes to the second strategic...